Play Expo 2016 – The DVDfever Review

play-expo-2016-10a180Virtual Reality gaming was back again at Play Expo and stronger than ever. While there was an HTC Vive VR game, the queue was either too long or occasionally closed to stop it getting longer, so I didn’t get chance to play it, but for those I did, let’s begin with one from the creator of Attack of the Mutant Camels.

Jeff Minter (right) brought us Polybius on the Playstation VR, and into-the-screen title which is difficult to describe other than being very Minteresque, if that makes sense. Basically, check out the video below, and note that when you’re playing the game, you can indeed look around yourself, but if you do that too much, you’ll probably crash!

Battlezone VR, from Rebellion Games, is another title using the Playstation VR headset, along with the standard PS4 controller, and completely blew me away. Strap the headset on and you can see your controller when you look down (but obviously not your hands). The movement was beautifully fluid, even when moving the tank sideways, and after shooting tanks and other things at ground level, WOAH! Planes and a swarm flew about overhead and I had to shoot them all!

And I completed the demo! Just wonderful! And to both Rebellion and Jeff Minter, I concluded with “TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!” 🙂


Battlezone livestream – PlayStation VR gameplay! – Rebellion

Simon Marston from Retro VR and the Retro Computer Museum was back with an Amiga 1200-controller Virtuality machine. This time, it was sit-down unit which I’ve not encountered before, playing another tank game – Exorex!

I really need to try this again as it took a while to get used to the controls as the game is about 25 years old, but just as I was getting the hang of it, I died for the last time. I love virtual reality, though, and this is an essential game to try.

Go to page 6 for the Pinball machines.


Virtuality – Exorex Demo & Promotional Video (1000SD) – Marylyn Peklenk

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