24 Live Another Day Season 9 Episode 7 – The DVDfever Review

Episode 7

24 goes into the second half with Episode 7 and Simone’s on the way to the hospital, while the President and Prime Minister go toe-to-toe over the cock-up assault, while the latter doesn’t think the former is up to the job due to his health.

When Margot finds out her daughter’s on the way to the hospital, she needs to know if there’s a heavy in the area who, if the police know too much, can ensure she’s instead on the way to the morgue – tie up loose ends and all that. Ends are also being tied-up when it turns out that Navarro’s been supplying intel to China, and one of his analysts, Jordan, might just find out. If he does, then it’ll all come out in the wash that Navarro framed Kate’s husband which was the reason she was about to be fired at the start. And who’s Navarrow’s inside man? Adrian Cross…

To try and get Simone to talk, Jack applies a little pressure… on her severed pinkie. Ouch!


Drone strikes at the hospital and other buildings caused for some particularly dodgy CGI to be deployed. Of course, Jack, Kate and Simone manage to escape all the explosions thanks to the old car-switcheroo, but there’s some decent action in this week’s episode which ranks it on a par with last week’s for entertainment and for making these the best of the series so far. That said, the NHS has got enough problems without one of its hospitals being partially blown up with a drone missile…

Elsewhere, Jordan finds he might have to complain about his boss, Navarro, due to some direct discrimination, i.e. he almost gets offed by a hitman, but thankfully that dodgy moustache will live another hour…

As for the “Dammit!” count this week, there was one in the subtitles, yet it wasn’t spoken. Huh? That means the four clear ones we heard elsewhere will be the only ones that count. Three of these were spoken by Jack.

And the only major downside about this week’s episode is that there was hardly any Chloe in it.

Dammit count: 4


Score: 7/10

Director: Jon Cassar
Producer: Iain Smith
Screenplay: Tony Basgallop
Music: Sean Callery

Jack Bauer: Kiefer Sutherland
Chloe O’Brian: Mary Lynn Rajskub
Naveed: Sacha Dhawan
Kate Morgan: Yvonne Strahovski
Margot Al-Harazi: Michelle Fairley
Ian Al-Harazi: Liam Garrigan
Adrian Cross: Michael Wincott
Ron Clark: Ross McCall
Gavin Leonard: Adam Sinclair
Anatol: Stanley Townsend
Kareem: Amir Boutrous
Hospital Surgeon: Daniel Hill
Helen McCarthy: Shelley Conn
Steve Navarro: Benjamin Bratt
Mark Boudreau: Tate Donovan
President James Heller: William Devane
Erik Ritter: Gbenga Akinnagbe
Simone Al-Harazi: Emily Berrington
Jordan Reed: Giles Matthey
Audrey Raines: Kim Raver
Prime Minister Alastair Davies: Stephen Fry
Belcheck: Branko Tomovic