3 Types of Movie-Themed Slots You Should Be Playing

3 Types of Movie-Themed Slots You Should Be Playing
When it comes to choosing a theme for a slot game, there are many avenues that developers can take. Some choose from general themes, such as Atlantis, Greek mythology, or Ancient Egypt to evoke the right emotions, while others base the game around celebrities or pop culture, such as rock stars and reality TV programmes. But, one of the most successful themes for slot games is when they are based on movies. Here are three of the best slot machine games based on movies.

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Batman Slot Games

The Batman series spans generations and covers all the audiences that would be interested in playing online slots. From the Adam West Batman series of the 1960s that focused on comic style capers, to the modern darker take with Christian Bale, to the reboot with Ben Affleck – every Batman is covered through online slots. Some focus on the progressive nature of the game as Batman fights off foes, while others utilise the uniquely comic approach with iconography that represents Batman’s beginnings. The Batman slots, available through UK-online-slots.co.uk are joined by Superman, Justice League, and Green Lantern slots, fleshing out the DC Universe with slots games.

Comedy Slots

While there’s nothing inherently funny about slots, using a theme such as a comedy film can help turn help further galvanize the excitement felt while playing. For example, the Monty Python and the Holy Grail slot helps target the large number of fans of slots who were fans of the original film. The Bridesmaids slot may appeal to a different audience, who want a more light-hearted game to play online, themed around one of the decade’s funniest flicks. The film garnered rave reviews from Comsmopolitan, Grazia, and the Daily Star as we see on DVDfever and has been amalgamated into pop culture. Jim Carrey’s hilarious pet detective, Ace Ventura, has also been adapted as a slot game, taking motifs from the film and the mannerisms that made the character so funny to add a different style of entertainment to the slots gameplay.

Blockbuster Movies

Another style of slot game that is taken straight from the silver screen is the blockbuster, which is reworked with slot gameplay to add a further arm to the canon of the series. Top Gun is available as a slot game, which proves to be good timing as Variety reports that a sequel is underway: here. Given the gulf between the original, fans can reconnect with the film and its universe by playing the slot game alongside it. Dirty Dancing, which received a reboot itself in 2017, is also available as a slot game. The audience for the film and slots may appear different, but for fans of slots, interacting with a well-known blockbuster can add an extra element to the game.

Theming slot games around movies is a clever tactic for both the developers of the movies – who allow new audiences to connect with their work – and slots developers, who can help introduce new people to slots gameplay through something they are more familiar with.

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