5 Best Sports Movies To Watch In 2020

5 Best Sports Movies To Watch In 2020 It goes without saying that sports have played a major part in our lives since the dawn of time. It brings us closer, teaches us what love, support, and loyalty means, and most importantly – gives us lessons on how should we have a healthy lifestyle. Thousands of sportsmen act as role models and they inspire millions of people around the world. There may be a lot of languages spoken, but we can all agree that sport is a universal language for all of us.

Sports has influenced numerous other industries with the most notable being the movie industry. Hundreds of sports movies and documentaries have been made throughout the years and some of them were extremely popular and educating. With that thought in mind, we decided to create a list of our 5 personal best sports movies that we have ever watched. Let’s check them out.

Coach Carter

There isn’t a basketball fan that hasn’t watched Coach Carter and wasn’t impressed by it. This movie tells the story of Ken Carter, who takes the coaching role for Richmond High School’s basketball team. All of the players are young, disrespectful, and known for their terrible score.

Even though everyone doubts that Mr Carter will lift the team, he decides to go on the most difficult journey of his life and does everything in his power to turn them into winners. There are plenty of obstacles on the road, but his devotion and trust in the team are stronger than anything.

Goal (1, 2 and 3)

As the most popular sport on the planet, many football games are watched by hundreds of millions of people every week, so it’s only natural that a football movie will be featured on this list. The Goal Trilogy follows the journey of Santiago Muñez and his quest to become one of the best players of all time. He is known for his great skills, but he lacks team play and his individuality is one of his biggest flaws. As his career progresses, he has some ups and downs that he must overcome.

It’s worth noting that football is by far the most influential and inspirational sport in the world. The sport goes side by side with sports betting, an industry that employs thousands of people and is loved by many more. Football fans are also known to wager their money on certain teams, especially in the UK.


One of the greatest rivalries in Formula 1, possible in sports generally is described perfectly in the biographical movie Rush. The movie is based on a true story and its plot centres in the 1976 Grand Prix and all the events that led to it. James Hunt and Niki Lauda are the biggest rivals in the game. Both of them are skilled drivers, but opposite in their character. The two compete for the Formula 1 title, but Niki Lauda suffers a massive accident which will leave him scarred forever.


42 is another movie based on a true story and tells one of the most impressive and inspirational stories in the world of baseball. Jackie Robinson is an African-American player that gets accepted into the MLB. During these times, racism was a big problem in the USA, which is why Jackie is faced with many problems and threats to his career and progress.


Creed is a spin-off of the most popular boxing franchise of all time – Rocky. As the name of the movie suggests, Apollo Creed’s son teams up with Rocky Balboa to conquer the world once again. This movie has been praised for its great content. A sequel of this movie was released in 2018.