(Six Six Six Six) on ZX Spectrum – Let’s Play – 2020 indie game (aka Six Six Six Six) is a new ZX Spectrum indie game for 2020.

I played three games of this, and for the description: In ancient times between the world of darkness and the world of people, it was built-a line of defense, a trap for dark forces. Network. But from the blows of the creatures of darkness, cracks are already spreading across it. If the defense collapses, the world will end. The only hope is to repair the breaks and restore the fallen sections before the entire Network collapses. But who can handle this task? You?

The hero of the game is a recruit in the army of Light, protecting the sparkling Network from the machinations of dark forces, a fighter against darkness and chaos-a technical support employee who first came to work. Armed with a crimper, a bicycle and iron nerves, he goes to perform tasks of his superiors in order to protect the world from evil, restart routers, and turn off and turn on the frozen equipment. Each task consists of two stages: a bike ride, where you need to overcome a winding path in the allotted time, and an answer to a question with a choice of one of three options. The player has only five attempts, and the attempt is spent both when the wrong answer to the question, and when falling off the bike. Let Evil tremble! Our hero is close!

P.S. Beware of puddles on the road.

Author: Anhot Studio (team)

Check out the gameplay video below, and you can download all the new games from the 2020 ZX Spectrum Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020 here. (Six Six Six Six) on ZX Spectrum – Let’s Play – ZX Spectrum