Casinos and video games: a great love story?

Casinos and video games Casinos and video games: a great love story?: Money often plays a large role in the experience offered by video games, so it represents an essential variable in the smooth running of the game. But what about games that have gone further? Some franchises have taken the experience to the next level by offering players the opportunity to play casino, poker or blackjack. Let’s have a look back at some of the best gambling games offered in leading gaming franchises with this article.

Final Fantasy VII

Who doesn’t remember the end of the game, where battles launched by slot machines give access to hidden bonuses? In addition to being a precursor game, Final Fantasy VII had managed to skillfully adapt the mechanics of the casino with its own game system.

Red Pokémon

The most famous video game franchise, particularly known for its mini games, is also known for its gambling games. As soon as its first opus was released in Europe in 1999, players, having just arrived in Celadopole, had to go in search of the box of chips to be able to play on the various slot machines.

This stage of the casino was also well known at the time, as it was used to win some exclusive Pokémon such as Porygon. Another reason why players still cherish the casino in Celadopolis is that it was the home of the famous Team Rocket, which was making its first public appearance.

Grand Theft Auto V

Although gambling games were often featured in video games, they were mostly bonus content where the player was rather limited in his choice of actions. This is not the case for the famous Rockstar Game franchise which, in its fifth opus, added the Diamond Casino & Hotel expansion. As its name suggests, this DLC allows players to step into this luxurious hotel complex and win a considerable amount of money, thanks to a very diversified offer ranging from slot machines to the famous roulette wheel, and even horse racing bets!

Casinos and video games

Overview of gambling in video games

In their early days, gambling was often confined to small interactions with little or no impact on subsequent gambling. Today, the offer has evolved well and represents a regular gambling component for gamers. As the attractiveness of gambling continues to grow, it is not surprising that a whole market for online casino games has developed today.

The future of gambling will therefore be bright, whether it is video games or real life, as they are becoming more and more numerous and continue to conquer new sectors. In these times of Covid-19 and the explosion of virtual reality, some studios have already recreated entire casinos in which the player can test a multitude of games from his living room, as if he were in Las Vegas.

We are now looking forward to the development of video games why not dedicated entirely to virtual reality casino games. This new type of immersive gaming experience is an unparalleled advantage, and in these times of global health crisis, it has the dual benefit of being ultra-secure and maintaining social relationships with other players to avoid isolation.

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