7 of the Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

7 of the Most Inspirational Movies of All TimeOn a grey winter’s day when the nights draw in early, it is easy to ditch resolutions to be healthy or write that great novel in favour of vegging out on the couch. When it comes to that, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa in front of a great movie. An even better idea is to settle down to watch a fantastic movie which also provides a little bit of inspiration for your own life. A magazine article on Lottoland.co.uk came up with a fantastic selection of motivational films, and we have got a couple more suggestions to throw into the mix. Let us be your guide to some of the most inspirational movies out there.

Let’s start with a recently released movie in the form of Hidden Figures. Based on a true story, this Oscar nominated picture told the story of how three African-American women managed to overcome discrimination to play major roles in the early days of NASA in the 1960s. Set in a time and place where racism and misogyny were everyday facts of life made their accomplishments even more impressive, as each overcame the obstacles society put in their way to make valuable contributions to the space race.

It’s difficult to come up with a more inspirational movie than the classic boxing flick Rocky. Telling the story of the humble Philadelphia heavyweight who earns an unlikely shot at the title, this is a true rags to riches tale. The onscreen story is mirrored by the struggles that its creator (the then unknown) Sylvester Stallone endured in trying to bring his vision to the big screen.

Whiplash is another Oscar-nominated film to make our list. This inspiring tale follows a talented young drummer as he battles to earn the respect of his domineering and ferocious teacher. He refuses to be intimidated by his manipulative instructor, and demonstrates incredible perseverance in the face of the many impediments he faces.

Seabiscuit retells the story of the famous race-horse which captured the hearts of an American public suffering the travails of the Great Depression in the 1930s. The real-life Seabiscuit was an unlikely champion, unimpressive in his early days until he was taken in hand by a diverse group of characters. The movie follows the struggles of both human and equine characters and celebrates the triumphs of this ‘people’s champion’.

Some people have an aversion to watching black and white movies, but such reservations should be put to one side when it comes to 12 Angry Men. This is a gripping drama which takes place in the jury room as the titular twelve men try to determine the guilt or innocence of a young man accused of murder. Henry Fonda plays the juror who refuses to go with the flow or to compromise his integrity.

We all know Stephen Hawking as a wheelchair-bound genius with a robotic voice but The Theory of Everything takes us back to his university years, before his illness took hold. This is the story of a man who will not be beaten by the incurable motor neuron disease that ravages his body.

We finish our list with an Oscar Best Picture winner: Slumdog Millionaire. This delightful film follows young Jamal in his attempts to win the Indian version of the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ game show. Through a series of flash-backs we discover how the young man’s life experiences have brought him to this point, and how the spirit of hope and self-belief can achieve results against the odds.