A Very Sheepy Xmas on ZX Spectrum – Let’s Play – 2020 Indie Game

A Very Sheepy Xmas A Very Sheepy Xmas is a new ZX Spectrum Indie platformer for 2020 from Quantum Sheep, and as I realised after trying it here, it has 25 screens. Can I make it to the end? Either way, it’s great fun, so enjoy!

Synopsis: Disco Santa is the dancing queen but his unbridled enthusiasm is distracting him from collecting presents he needs to deliver on Xmas Eve!

What’s more, some toys have come alive and become hazardous! Yikes!

Play as the ever helpful Quantum Sheep(!) and pick up the presents for Santa!

0:00 Gameplay
14:24 Intro music in full

Author: Quantum Sheep

Download the game here.

Check out the gameplay video below:

A Very Sheepy Xmas – Let’s Play – ZX Spectrum