Metamorphosis (Demo) on ZX Spectrum – Let’s Play – 2021 Indie Game

Metamorphosis Metamorphosis a new ZX Spectrum Indie platformer coming in 2021, from Leonardo Vettori, Kees van Oss & Mario Fanciulli, and this is a work-in-progress demo of a few screens from the game. I’m loving what I see so far, and I can’t wait to play fhr full game!

Here’s the full description, but I didn’t quite go into it in depth whilst playing the game:

Metamorphosis is a game about evolving. The lowest lifeform is a spider which is the character you start with. You have to evolve to a man to finish the game. You can increase your energy by eating worms, if you reach a certain energy level, you will evolve to a higher lifeform. If enemies are hit a few times, they will devolve to a lower lifeform until their energy level is zero and then they will end as a worm. The screens are a kind of eco system, enemies attacking each other, running away and evolve/devolve.

Check out the gameplay video below:

Metamorphosis (Demo) – Let’s Play – ZX Spectrum