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Adult Material
Adult Material sees season adult movie star Jolene Dollar (Hayley Squires I, Daniel Blake) – although the character’s real name is Hayley Burrows – trying to get on in a business when those who make the films are always looking for the next youngest star.

When asked her age, she mumbles “33”, as if to hide an older age (although Ms Squires is just 32), but it allows her to act like a big sister to some of the girls in the industry as she helps them find their feet, including aspiring dancer Amy, who is on her first shoot, and enthuses to Hayley about how much her boyfriend loves her films, with Hayley spotting that girl has been self-harming on her thighs, but she doesn’t say anything. In fact, whilst trying to support those starting out, she’s also indirectly being made to feel very old at this time.

Most of us can get bored with our day-to-day job, but Jolene seems exceedingly bored while waiting for a scene to begin, and at the hands of director Dave (Phil Daniels), and this comes after taking her her Audi through a car wash, pretending to have an orgasm in order to satisfy her punters online.

Another problem she faces is that the eldest of her children know what she does for a living, and we see how that impacts on daughter Phoebe’s (Alex Jarrett) life at school, since the kids there also know… because, y’know, internet.

Add in the always effervescent Rupert Everett as a very Peter Stringfellow-style character called Carroll Quinn, the problem of men not being able to get it up on film, the occurrence of revenge porn, the fact that Jolene’s in a relationship despite her career, and I also found it interesting how there’s a scene where she looks at herself in the mirror, topless, and she’s been given intentionally fake breasts for that scene.

As for why she has an eyepatch at one point? You’ll find out when you watch it. It might not be the reason you think.

Overall, the first episode plays out in ways I didn’t expect, as it highlights the very unglamoroud side of the sex industry, but I’ll definitely check out more. It is a plus that there’s just four episodes, rather than having a series which rambles on for what feels like forever.

Plus, if you’re trying to work out who’s singing a certain song, then the end credits of episode 1 feature a cover of Hushabye Mountain by Bobbie Gentry.

UPDATE: I’ve now seen the entire series, and it’s great. If you found the first episode engaging, then check out the other 3 episodes. They’re all on All 4. Get watching. No spoilers from me!

Adult Material begins on Monday October 5th on Channel 4 at 10pm. The series is available to pre-order on DVD, ahead of its released on November 2nd.

After broadcast, all episodes will be on All4.

Adult Material – Series Trailer

Series Score: 7.5/10

Director: Dawn Shadforth
Producer: Sara Hamill
Writer: Lucy Kirkwood
Music: Hannah Holland

Jolene Dollar: Hayley Squires
Dave: Phil Daniels
Carroll Quinn: Rupert Everett
Nadia: Callie Cooke
Lee: Ross Harland
Sabelle: Timmika Ramsay
Amy: Siena Kelly
Mark: Luke Cinque-White
Hairy Simon: Kris Saddler
Izzy: Anya McKenna-Bruce
Phoebe: Alex Jarrett
Angel: Sasha Desouza-Willock
Gabriel: Dominic Winn
Irene: Pauline Turner
Rich: Joe Dempsie
Paulie: Jacob Avery
Mother: Victoria Donovan
Grandmother: Patricia Jones
Dr Matthews: Mario Demetriou
Cameron: Barnaby Taylor
Anton: Alexander Ananasso
Tom Pain: Julian Ovenden
Stella Maitland: Kerry Godliman