After The Wedding – Trailer 1 – Michelle Williams

After The Wedding
After the Wedding is yet another of those ‘nice woman turns out to be a mad stalker’-type of movies, and one where the trailer shows a load of plaudits from Variety, et al, but they must’ve been watching a different film, since this looks incredibly ‘by the numbers’ in terms of how it all plays out.

Michelle Williams runs an orphanage in Kolkata, and travels to New York to meet benefactor Julianne Moore, who’s ready to stump up $20m, but is she for real or is it just to get one over on the woman after she clearly did the do with her hubby, Billy Crudup, some time back.

After the Wedding? I think I’d rather listen to Busted’s Crashed the Wedding again, or was it by McFly? Who cares, it’ll be a lot shorter than watching this tripe.

If you want to, then this film directed by Bart Freundlich, is released on August 9th in the US, but as of yet there’s no UK date.

Check out the trailer below: