Black Ops – The DVDfever Review – BBC – Gbemisola Ikumelo, Hammed Animashaun

Black Ops Black Ops centres around two PCSOs, aka Police Community Support Officers, who can’t arrest a scrote who’s just attacked a security guard, thus pointing themselves out to be a complete waste of space.

Since it has a predominantly black cast, bigwig DI Clinton Blair (Ariyon Bakare) has a problem with a troublesome drugs gang being identified… because they’re black. We know the police are a bunch of racists, but it does feel a bit lazy in the writing, there.

However, they need two cops to go undercover, cue PCSOs Dominique ‘Dom’ Archibald (Gbemisola Ikumelo) and Kayode ‘ Kay’ Ogundare (Hammed Animashaun), even though they’re as inept as the Keystone Cops, and before they attempt to infiltrate the gang’s patch, since they think they’re untouchable, they feel they can drink lager on the job, whilst still in the office.

It’s a bit daft, such as the way Dom says she only joined because of the free tube travel and 10% off at Cineworld.

However, given that they make the aforementioned Keystone Cops looks like Einsteins, it’s impossible to believe that they’d even be considered for such a key role in the police, and that’s where it falls down… and even more so when they realise just how much they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

I’ll stick with Call of Duty for anything Black Ops-related, rather than waste my time with this lazy nonsense.

Black Ops continues next Friday on BBC1 at 9pm, and the whole series is now available on the BBC iPlayer.

Black Ops – Official Trailer – BBC

Director: Ben Gregor
Producer: Carol Harding
Writers: Joe Tucker, Lloyd Woolf

Dominique ‘Dom’ Archibald: Gbemisola Ikumelo
Kayode ‘ Kay’ Ogundare: Hammed Animashaun
DI Clinton Blair: Ariyon Bakare
Tevin: Akemnji Ndifornyen
Breeze: Jaz Hutchins
Superintendant Edwards: Felicity Montagu
Chief Inspector Garner: Joanna Scanlan
Morris Baldwin Archibald: Robbie Gee
Julie Archibald: Jo Martin
Elder Bunmi: Karlina Grace-Paseda
TJ: Samuel O’Loughlin
Inspector Scholes: Rufus Jones
Jen: Kerry Howard
Simon: Tom Bennett
Traffic Warden: Jason Barnett
Senior Nurse: Holli Dempsey
Security Guard: Kevin Garry
Gang Member: Francis Ezekiel