Bond 25: James Bond to marry Q in shock twist!

Bond 25
Bond 25 will see Daniel Craig (above, for the hard of thinking) reprise the role of James Bond in his fifth film in the as yet unnamed movie which has had some alleged plot spoilers leaked, although they’re no doubt about as true as the ‘fact’ that Mr Craig is being paid $100m for the movie.

If that amount of money is true, I’ll bare my bottom in the Odeon Trafford Centre on release day!

In the new movie, Bond is to come out, marry Q (Ben Whishaw), enjoy a honeymoon where they inspect each other’s secret gadgets, and then our hero decides he’d rather bat for his original side again, and instead, marries Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), his Bond girl in the disastrous Spectre.

However – and here’s the big spoiler (if you believe it’ll actually happen, especially now it’s in the press), his marriage is brief, just like that to Diana Rigg in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, their nuptials lasting about as long as George Lazenby‘s 007 career, since Madeleine gets bumped off and James goes off to sort out the bad guys involved.

So, it’s basically Taken 3 all over again – an experience no-one wanted to re-run.

And even if Dr Swann does buy the farm, I expect it’ll just be a jumping-off point for the movie and something that’ll happen in the pre-credits sequence.

Whatever happens, I hope we get back to the FUN of the Bond character. For Daniel Craig, I hugely enjoyed his 2006 Bond debut, Casino Royale. For all the sequel’s faults, 2008’s Quantum of Solace wasn’t as terrible as people say, but the subsequent Skyfall and Spectre were beyond awful for so many reasons, the last one in particular because it was stupidly serious.

Let’s also hope that the 25th movie isn’t as long as the last two. Two-and-a-half hours for Spectre?! Do me a favour.

Bond 25 hasn’t yet been titled, nor has it had a director attached to it. I do hope it’s not Sam Mendes again. Either way, it’s slated to be released for November 2019, although most of Craig’s 007 movies have been put out around the October half-term holidays in the UK to maximise revenue, Spectre coming out on the Monday of that week, so it had a ‘7-day weekend’ and, unsurprisingly, had the highest box-office opening of the series to date.