Boom – Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 3 – The DVDfever Review


Boom is the third episode of (ahem) Season 1.

This episode sees soldiers in the middle of a minefield where there was nothing the day before, with The Doctor and Millie arriving in the middle of it all, only for our lead running in, and accidentally standing on a mine. Bell-end.

Of course, I was hoping he’d blow up and regenerate into Millie, but then we know they’ve already shot two seasons with him, sadly, so we know he’s not going to go ‘Boom’ or “I go all food mixer”.

My first grip was: No-one ever dresses to the conditions. For example, Millie can see the ground is on fire, but doesn’t wear a hazmat suit. Meanwhile, there’s a gap in front of the mine, about four fingers’ worth. And we know where Russell T Davies would like to stick his four fingers.

Plus, he needs a particular container that looks like a tube of pasta, but is the right weight he needs to counterbalance. Can he obtain it? Is the Pope a weirdo?

At one point, the Doctor suggests a character called Mundy (Varada Sethu) – Andor) marries Ruby, so she’d be Mundy Sunday. Why does he assume that Ruby’s into women? Or maybe she’s bisexual? Or, I think it’s called Peter Pansexual, so she also flies and wears green clothing…

Hang on, isn’t this supposed to be a kids show? Let kids be kids and stop blabbering about 72 genders in the classroom. It’s a nonsense product of the American Left, and doesn’t have any part in Britain, let alone the classroom. Kick it back to Democratland.

Ultimately, there’s a few minor twists, but you know they’ll easily overcome them by the end of the episode, and as expected, it was fucking tedious.

It was also full of cliches, such as…

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Meanwhile, I read that Millie’s not actually leaving after this series, so Mundy will be effectively be joining them from the next series onwards. Hmm… multiple companions rarely works.

Steven Moffat returned to write this, but quite frankly, he shot his one big bolt with Blink, and that’s the only one of his I actually enjoyed. And given that the landmine quickly established this would be one of those ‘one-location’ episodes, I thought Disney was meant to be spending money on this?

You can watch Boom on the BBC iPlayer.

You can also pre-order Season 1 on Limited Blu-ray Steelbook, Blu-ray and DVD, ahead of the release date of August 12th 2024.

Boom – Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 3 – Official Trailer – BBC

Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Producer: Vicki Delow
Writer: Steven Moffat
Music: Murray Gold

The Doctor: Ncuti Gatwa
Ruby Sunday: Millie Gibson
Mundy Flynn: Varada Sethu
Canterbury James Olliphant: Bhav Joshi
Splice Alison Vater: Caoilinn Springall
John Francis Vater: Joe Anderson
Carson: Majid Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy
Ambulance: Susan Twist