Command and Conquer Rivals – Official Reveal Trailer

Command and Conquer Rivals
Command and Conquer Rivals is a new mobile game from EA. Yes, not one on consoles or PC, but on mobile phones, so that’s certainly divided opinion from those who don’t like to glue their heads to their handset for the entire day, but if people didn’t want them, then they wouldn’t make them.

It’s a thrilling, competitive experience built to define Real-Time Strategy for Mobile. Featuring intense, 1v1 real-time matches with rival commanders, you test your skills in combat in the War for Tiberium. Master the battlefield with continuous control of your forces, crush your rivals, and lead your army to victory. Starting today, Android players can pre-register on Google Play to be notified when Command and Conquer Rivals is available worldwide.

By pre-registering, Android players in US and Canada may also be invited to the pre-alpha.

The music in the trailer is Glory Days by The Federal Empire.

Command and Conquer Rivals hasn’t yet got a release date, but the pre-alpha version is available to play now on your chosen platform… well, for some people. Apple looks to be covered, but for Android, it’s only in the US and Canada.

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Check out the official reveal trailer below: