Continuity announcers – SHUT UP!

Continuity announcers Continuity announcers: Everyone hates you. You have nothing worth saying that can’t wait until the programme has ended and the credits have completely finished. You are NOT funny, so don’t even try.

Well, Sky’s lead isn’t necessarily heading in that direction, but they’re on the way to calling time on the stupid practice of squeezing end credits. The BBC have been doing this since June 2007, and every now and again, another marketing idiot is wheeled out to justify why they do it.

“It’s all about giving the viewer information”. There’s about as much truth in that as if Robert Mugabe said he likes to set his people free(!) Everyone can see it’s a load of old flannel.

Sky have already ditched the DOGs, bar a few seconds after each ad break, which puts those more in line with the brief ‘BBC’ that appears at the start of a TV show, so when will the BBC finally realise that NO VIEWER wants these stupid interruptions?

A good example came at the end of most episodes of Hebburn when there was often an episode-specific piece of music over the credits, but despite that, Red Bee Media, crowbarred in with their BLAH BLAH BLAH. God, I hate them!

And while you’re at it, BBC, drop the horrible practice of ending all trailers with a single-colour generic backdrop. It looks horrible, you’ve also been doing it for years, and the bright red, on BBC1, actually hurts my eyes.

Read about Sky’s position here: