Dean – Trailer 1 – Demetri Martin

Dean centres around the titular character, portrayed by writer/director Demetri Martin (above), a New York illustrator who falls big-time for a Los Angeles woman while trying to deal with his father, Robert (Kevin Kline), selling the family home in the wake of his mother’s death.

The moment which shocked me in this trailer was when Dean gets a reminder on his phone about his mother’s birthday. I had a similar moment just after my father died in 2015. Out of the many Outlook reminders on my PC to prompt me to do things I’d otherwise forget, one I didn’t was on a Thursday to give him a call to arrange what time to meet up on the Saturday for lunch. However, it was the same every week and towards the end, he wasn’t well and I was ringing him on a regular basis anyway, but as he died on a Saturday and the reminder caught me by surprise the following Thursday, it stopped me in my tracks.

Also starring Mary Steenburgen, the film only has a score of 6.2/10 on IMDB, but it looks strong from the trailer but as of yet there’s no UK release date, while the US can see it from June 2nd.

Check out the trailer below: