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Destiny 2

Sound and visuals on Destiny 2 are superb. Bungie have really excelled themselves with their work. Lighting is absolutely wonderful and there are some awesome effects. What really stands out, though, for me is the detail to the different worlds. Earth feels like Eastern European architecture, Titan is literally a station built on the sea including rolling waves (and a sea monster if you look out long enough!) and it’s pretty industrial-looking, reminding me of the big oil drilling platforms. Nessus is beautiful with the coloured expansive forests while IO is quite rocky, dark and barren-looking. The worlds really stand out, especially Nessus and Titan with their design.

Sound work is stunning. The musical score adds to the effect – dramatic when needed to spur you on, or softer with some cutscenes to help portray the plight of a NPC (non-player character). Voice work includes Nathan Fillion (Firefly/Serenity, Castle and Modern Family), Gina Torres (Firefly/Serenity & Suits), Nolan North (Uncharted series of games), Gideon Emery (Teen Wolf, Diablo 3) and Lance Reddick (John Wick, Bosch). There are many more actors that have done work on Destiny 2 – a number of whom are listed below, but I would definitely check out the full cast list over at IMDB.

Destiny 2 – Gameplay EARLY – First 2 Hours! (Part #1) – Ali-A

Destiny 2 is a great sequel, if you loved the original, then you will love this and sink many more hours into it. New players will find it easy to pick up and play and to get involved with the community. Yeah, there are a few minor gripes which have carried over from the first game – the AI being one of them, where you can end up chasing an enemy round a pillar Benny Hill-style trying to take them out! If not running round a pillar, they either just constantly back off or just trudge towards you constantly firing. It can be either comedic or quite frustrating, especially if they back into another room full of enemies. It is nothing game-breaking, though.

Multiplayer and co-op play works great, while matchmaking is pretty much balanced nicely. The community on this game is great and you do get people helping you out if you come across them in the world.

The grind from the first game is still there at the end, but the new tasks given do help alleviate it. You feel like you are doing something meaningful, rather than just running around killing enemies in the hope of dropping a new piece of loot to enhance your character.

The story is great and keeps you hooked from start to finish. Cayde 6 comes out with some great humorous one liners, as does the AI who helps you rescue him (it is quite neurotic and has a split personality). Everything has just been polished and put together really well, so this is highly recommended for new and old players alike!

In fact, I just can’t put this game down!

Thanks to the Youtube channels featured for the gaming footage.

Destiny 2 is out now PS4, Xbox One and PC/Steam, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

Destiny 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough – The Rad Brad

Important info:

  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Players: single player, co-op, multi-player


Directors: Christopher Barrett, Luke Smith, Ryan Ellis and Jim McQuillan
Producers: Ian Giovannetti, Jon Sim, Michael Sternoff and Poria Torkan
Writers: Clay Carmouche, Seth Dickinson, Jonathan Gaff, Felix Gilman, Martin Korda, Ted Kosmatka, Grant K Roberts, Jill Scharr, Christine Thompson, Jonathan To, Lily Yu and Jason Harris
Music: C Paul Johnson, Skye Lewin, Rotem Moav, Michael Salvatori and Pieter Schlosser

Cayde-6: Nathan Fillion
Commander Zavala: Lance Reddick
Ikora Rey / Warlock Vanguard: Gina Torres
Ghost: Nolan North
The Speaker: Bill Nighy
Dominus Ghaul: Neil Kaplan
The Consul: Frank Langella
Lord Shaxx: Lennie James
Hawthorne: Sumalee Montano
Devrim Kay / Male Extras: Gideon Emery
Failsafe: Joy Osmanski
Emissary of the Nine / Female Extras: Moira Quirk
Tyra Karn / Female Extras: Page Leong
Tess Everis: Claudia Black
Executor Hideo: James Remar
Arach Jalaal: Peter Stormare
Lord Saladin / NPC Male: Keith Ferguson
Banshee-44 / NPC Male: John DiMaggio


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