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Deus Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human Revolution is the latest in the series which, for me, has had rather a chequered past. The original was released in the year 2000 and, while it was an acclaimed videogame, I had many issues with it such as jerky animation, lacklustre sound and bizarre gameplay that seemingly left me with a dodgy left leg causing me to walk fine, but constantly settle down at an angle every time I stopped – something that was still there when I restarted the game. The sequel, 2004’s Deus Ex Invisible War did have a bit of an improvement in all of these aspects, but there was still a lot left to desired. Thankfully, this new release improves greatly all-round, although there are still areas for improvement.

In this release, the year is 2027 – which afficianados which realise makes it set 25 years before the first game – and you take the role of Adam Jensen, a man who will lead the SWAT team commissioned to oversee the defence on one of America’s most experimental Biotech firms. The basic premise is that a rogue Black Ops team breaks in and bumps off all the scientists you were meant to keep safe, leaving you as the only one to go after them. In other to keep up, you must become mechanically-augmented, something that is a controversial process because not everyone can afford it.

Deus Ex Human Revolution – example gameplay footage #1 (720p HD)

Your journey will take you across five cities including Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal and I’m pleased to report that despite the problems with the earlier titles, this one does have the right touch to it, graphically and sonically with flawless HD detail, making the scores for both of those aspects a fully-rounded 10/10 whether blasting away at the baddies or creeping about stealth-style.

One thing to be wary of, however, is that you have to be very careful how you proceed because it doesn’t take many bullets from the baddies to bump you off. You can also hack into security systems to open doors, or even attempting to disarm bombs, but this is a bizarrely difficult task and does feel very random as to whether you’ll succeed.

Some good things about this game:

  • There are a lot of checkpoints, which makes things easier. It’s always annoying in any game when you cover a great deal of ground, only to get a bullet in the head and have to go back to square one.
  • You can drag dead bodies to hide them so that other baddies won’t see their murdered colleague. This feels very much like the fun I had with Hitman. Just be sure to clear them out of the way before more undesirables turn up.
  • Augmentations: These give you XP points along the way, such as if you complete a mission without being detected – something that is not easy!
  • Upgrades on your augmentations, although in some cases, it’s a bit complicated the way that the game describes it. These include:

    • Social Enhancer – Analyse people and persuade them (which sounds like a Jedi mind trick)
    • Radar system – track eneies, security cameras and turrets with this on-screen radar.
    • Sarif Series 8 Energy converter – Gives you extra energycells and speeds up your recovery.
    • Hacking: Fortify – When used on a node (this will make sense when you play the game… sort-of), it will slow down the chance of being traced while you’re hacking into something. This is a particularly useful one.

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Deus Ex Human Revolution – example gameplay footage #2 (720p HD)


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