Doctor Who Level Pack – LEGO Dimensions on PS3 – The DVDfever Review


Doctor Who Level Pack – this is far more fun than the latest series of Doctor Who!

This is out now as an additional pack to use with Warner Bros Interactive’s LEGO Dimensions and I’ll answer the main question you’ll want to know – Yes, this one level pack will work across all formats of the game. You can buy this from Amazon here, and links to the Starter Pack are above.

Doctor Who is currently two-thirds of the way through its tenth series since it returned to our screens in 2005 and it’s still a highly popular show even if its ratings have dipped a little of late. However, I put that down to the scripts causing The Doctor to get far too introspective about his life, which means it’s lost its spark of entertainment. And that’s what is put right with this game.

The box calls it ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, although that’s more a colloquialism than anything, as it’s not a recreation of the 2013 BBC2 drama which showed how it all started with David Bradley brilliantly portraying the late, great William Hartnell, but the story is actually entitled: “The Dalek Extermination of the Earth”.

Davros is back and he’s out to destroy the world once again, and the Doctor has to put a stop to it. Playing through the levels first time round took 90 mins to a couple of hours tops, as I got to grips with it all, but it’ll be quicker on further run-throughs. In fact, the walkthrough shown below from packattack04082 takes about 42 minutes, although that doesn’t take LEGO-building time into account, which involves putting Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor together prior to playing, and then once you play the game with him, the TARDIS and K-9 will come along before too long. Putting the TARDIS together seemed overly complicated given that all the intricate insides remain hidden, but the game hints at rebuilds to come, and there are pictures of the insides ending up on the outside, so something strange will eventually go down, I’m sure.

Note that the only instructions in the box relate to building Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and little else. There’s nothing about what you might encounter in this game.

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack – The Dalek Extermination of Earth – packattack04082

Random thoughts and info about the game:

  • Peter Capaldi has some great lines in this, eg: “Okay, I’ll deal with this. The eyebrows say I’m in charge, here!” and “Clara is my carer; She cares so I don’t have to.”

    However, there are some other phrases which he repeats far too often, and there aren’t that many phrases. Sometimes, they even get repeated while travelling between dimensions and flying through the gateway. Now we just need a Malcolm Tucker LEGO Dimensions character!

  • Leave him to his own devices and he’ll get out his sonic screwdriver, or play with his easel and blackboard which suddenly displays the word “Listen!”

  • Once you’ve completed the Adventure level, you can travel between fragments of the Doctor Who world, such as Mars, Trenzalore, Skaro, and so on, and reunite them by destroying the Dimension Discombobulators (or big silver LEGO pieces)

  • At this point you can also play as all the Doctors, since you’ll have unlocked that ability. When you die, you’ll regenerate as the next Doctor in sequence. Fly in the TARDIS and you’ll hear their own version of the theme, and see inside their own TARDIS when you need to go in.

  • Play in a Missy or Madame Vastra mission. However, I started doing the latter this and the PS3 crashed. Not sure what happened in the game to do this, other than mid-way through dying, as it’s the first time it’s happened when playing this, but I need to get back into it whilst also completing the free-roaming adventure that takes me between all the worlds.

  • You can rebuild more buildings, such as the Cyberman Mausoleum or the 3W Facility from last year’s finale two-parter Dark Water/Death in Heaven. Trouble is, you end up spending tens of thousands of credits to do these up, without even a whiff of a thankyou – rather like holding the door open for someone passing through behind you, while you’re out and about.

  • I loved zooming around between all the free-roaming worlds in the TARDIS. You can get about with the randomising teleporter but it’s much more fun to zip about in the TARDIS.

  • You can also hire heroes from other fandoms for certain tasks, such as Wonder Woman and Gollum, but it costs 50,000 credits a time. However, these side-missions are more essential than rebuilding a place.

  • I still have the same graphics issue where the output doesn’t affect gameplay, nor any other games, nor when in the PS3’s main menu, but I get a hazy look on my TV screen. I know it doesn’t affect any footage I recorded of myself playing the game (badly) but there’s definitely an issue there. Is it some sort of feedback from having the LEGO Toypad plugged into the PS3? If anyone reading this, including Warner Bros, know the reason, and a possible solution, please let me know.

  • Oh, and any chance of a later wave featuring more adult characters like, say, Pinhead from the Hellraiser series? I believe he has such sights to show us… 😉

Thanks to packattack04082 on Youtube for the gaming footage. I would’ve shown off my own, normally, but I kept fluffing it all too often, so it’s best to show those videos where they’ve got it right 🙂

The Doctor Who Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions is available now and the one pack works across all formats of the game.

LEGO Dimensions is out now on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Click on the packshot for the full-size version, as well as the Gateway pic below (ignoring the ‘cable corner’ behind it).


LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack – The Doctor, The TARDIS and K-9!

Important info:

  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
  • Players: single player campaign; 2-player co-op
  • HDTV options: 720p
  • Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1


Director: Justin Villiers
Screenplay: Jon Burton, Toby Everett, Graham Goring, Andrew Holt, Dan McCreadie, James McLoughlin, Joe Moore, Dewi Roberts, Stephen Sharples, Brad Stevens and Boyd Vico
Music: Ian Livingstone
Sound Department: Christopher Cody Flick, Luke Hatton, Samuel Justice, Chris Sweetman

Cast (for the full game):
Batman (The Lego Movie): Will Arnett
Sam Gamgee: Sean Astin
Dr Raymond Stantz: Dan Aykroyd
Wonder Woman/Dorothy Gale: Laura Bailey
The Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker (archive sound)
The Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker (archive sound)
Batman/Two-Face: Troy Baker
Wyldstyle: Elizabeth Banks
Jack Harkness: John Barrowman
Aquaman: Brian Bloom
Legolas: Orlando Bloom
Sauron/Bane/Orc Commander: Steve Blum
Unikitty: Alison Brie
Daleks/Cybermen: Nicholas Briggs (uncredited)
The Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi
Bart Simpson: Nancy Cartwright (archive sound) (uncredited)
Coyote: Johnny Cash (archive sound)
Homer Simpson/Krusty the Clown/Groundskeeper Willie/Santa’s Little Helper/Hans Moleman/Mayor Quimby/Abe Simpson: Dan Castellaneta (archive sound)
Velma Dinkley: Mindy Cohn
Clara Oswald: Jenna Coleman
The Fifth Doctor: Peter Davison (archive sound)
Benny: Charlie Day
ACU Trooper: Robin Atkin Downes
The Ninth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston (archive sound)
Marty McFly: Michael J Fox
Missy: Michelle Gomez
Daphne Blake: Grey Griffin
Cowardly Lion: Jess Harnell
The First Doctor: William Hartnell (archive sound)
Claire Dearing: Bryce Dallas Howard
Winston Zeddemore: Ernie Hudson
The War Doctor: John Hurt (archive sound)
Saruman: Roger L Jackson
Mrs. Scratchen-Post: Charity James
Lowery Cruthers: Jake Johnson
Simon Masarani: Irrfan Khan
Gandalf: Tom Kane
K-9: John Leeson
Shaggy Rogers: Matthew Lillard
Dr. Emmett Brown: Christopher Lloyd
Frodo Baggins/Zane: Yuri Lowenthal
The Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy (archive sound)
The Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann (archive sound)
X-PO: Joel McHale
GLaDOS/Turrets: Ellen McLain
Robin/Ticket Officer: Scott Menville
Wheatley: Stephen Merchant
Tin Man: Dave B Mitchell
Dr. Peter Venkman: Bill Murray (archive sound)
Bad Cop/Good Cop: Liam Neeson
General Zod/Lord Business/Adventure Core/Space Core: Nolan North
Gollum/Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen: Liam O’Brien
Metal Beard: Nick Offerman
Lord Vortech: Gary Oldman
The Third Doctor: Jon Pertwee (archive sound)
Emmet Brickowoski/Owen Grady: Chris Pratt
Dr. Egon Spengler: Harold Ramis (archive sound)
Gimli: John Rhys-Davies
Zach Mitchell: Nick Robinson
Cyborg: Bumper Robinson
Master Chen/Scarecrow: William Salyers
The Flash: Charlie Schlatter
Cave Johnson: JK Simmons
Gray Mitchell: Ty Simpkins
The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith (archive sound)
The Riddler: Roger Craig Smith
The Joker: Christopher Corey Smith
Harley Quinn: Tara Strong
Wicked Witch/Lois Lane: Courtenay Taylor
The Tenth Doctor: David Tennant
The Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton
Dana Barrett: Sigourney Weaver
Scooby-Doo/Fred Jones: Frank Welker
Superman/Lex Luthor: Travis Willingham
Jay: Mick Wingert
Frodo Baggins: Elijah Wood (archive sound)