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The Lego Movie begins with unlikely hero Emmet Brickowoski (Chris Pratt) being inadvertently caught up in a plot where Lord Business (Will Ferrell), an evil guy masquerading as the President, has stolen Kragle, an item which will end civilisation as they know it, and he’s hired Bad Cop (Liam Neeson) to arrest all the master builders, for reasons that probably made sense as I was watching it but which I’ve since forgotten, and the Lego piece of resistance is the only thing which can stop the Kragle and, thus, save the world.

A prophecy has been foretold, by Vitruvius the Wizard (Morgan Freeman), that a special will turn up, and be the one to retrieve said Lego piece of resistance. Naturally, you can assume this is going to be Emmet, not yet a master builder, but one who constantly needs to follow instructions in life on how to live… and one day, he chances upon something bright and inviting underground, a sort of gemstone enticing him to take it.


I don’t normally go a bundle on films aimed at children, for the fact that I’m 42 years of age, but The Lego Movie is brilliantly inventive, and even though the majority of it is obviously CGI, it’s all still done in the style of Lego and Lego-made characters. There’s one or two movie references along the way, and you can’t help appreciate the clever way in which it’s been put together.

It’s also one of the few films where the 3D is essential because there’s so much going on all over the screen. However, to that end, due to the amount you have to take in all in one go, it was pummelling my head a bit, even though it was very good, but I did have to pause it a couple of times along the way. That said, I would rate the 3D as essential as Life of Pi and Prometheus, the only two films which just cannot be watched in 2D solely.

And even though I had to pause during my initial viewing, The Lego Movie is one I’ll have to watch this film a few times to take it all in.

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