Eggcelerate! on PC / Steam – The DVDfever Review – Time trial driving game

Eggcelerate Eggcelerate! is a new time-trial game with 30 levels, released just in time for Easter which, in 2021, is April 2nd to 5th, for anyone who hasn’t yet checked their calendar.

Head round the obstacle course with a basket atop your vehicle, which contains an egg. Try and make it round the course within the time limit, but don’t go as fast as Lewis Hamilton trying to escape the taxman, otherwise you’ll end up making an eggy mess on the ground.

Most levels are not too taxing but a few are a bit of a pain to get your head around, and there are several cars you can drive but they all behave the same way. However one does sound like George Burns…

Eggcelerate! does have that just one more go feeling, but there was originally a point after 26 levels that I’d had enough of going over jumps or being blown over by fans well being smacked into next week buy boxing gloves. However, I stayed the course.

Overall, Eggcelerate! is a fun eggsperience (ahem) for a couple of hours.

Check out the entire gameplay, below, and you’ll see!

Eggcelerate! is released on March 30th on PC/Steam.

Eggcelerate! – Gameplay Walkthrough – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Tim Beaudet
  • Publisher: Tim Beaudet
  • Players: Single player campaign