EltonJohnLewis – John Lewis Christmas advert 2018 – Bleah!

EltonJohnLewis – or Elton John / John Lewis, or #EltonJohnLewis in hashtag terms, since he’s starring in their Christmas advert for 2018, shows the singer of the same name (well, Reginald Dwight, actually), looking back on his career with reflective scenes that recreate key points in his life, right back to the moment when his family had their first piano – or was it given to him? It’s not clear.

Either way, it’s also a bit ambiguous as to whether, all this time on, he now has the very same piano in his possession. The inference is, that that is the case.

All throughout the cheesy advert, we hear his song, “Your Song”, and we already had to suffer an Ellie Goulding cover version of that for the John Lewis Christmas 2010 advert.

Last year’s Xmas advert, Moz The Monster, wasn’t much better, either.

Overall, it’s all rather puke-inducing and I was glad when it ended. I guess he must really need the money…

Check out the EltonJohnLewis advert below.