Moz The Monster from John Lewis reminds me of my ex

Moz The Monster
Moz The Monster is John Lewis‘ sickly sweet tosh to promote their overpriced Christmas junk, and it reminds me how the last time I bought something from them was a TV in 2012, only because they’d price-match with a website (which had a physical store) so I didn’t have to pay their exhorbitant prices.

Anyhoo, it features a kid who’s scared of monsters, but somehow happens to welcome Moz into his humble abode, once he’s got over the excessive snoring, it seems.

There’s also Elbow, who sing a cover of The Beatles‘ track from their Abbey Road album, Golden Slumbers, and it almost put me to sleep.

Still, it’s slightly better than the plethora of ads featuring godawfully-twee covers of tracks like Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You and Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody.

Now, if only Moz The Monster didn’t remind me of one of my exes…

Check out the advert below: