E.T. Cartridges unearthed by Xbox Entertainment Studios – The Dig

E.T. CartridgesLast June, it was announced that Fuel Entertainment, a Canadian studio, were to search a former landfill site in New Mexico where E.T. cartridges, Atari’s much-criticised 2600 VCS game, were rumoured to be buried, and they were looking for fund-raising, after having got permission from the city of Alamogordo to excavate.

E.T. was was among the first to be licensed from a film franchise and was based on the incredible Steven Spielberg film, which eventually had a Blu-ray release in October 2012, 30 years after the U.S. cinema release.

While we await the documentary about all this, Xbox Entertainment Studios did the deed and found those cartridges!

Check out the video below: