Extinction Rebellion: Last Chance to Save the World? – The DVDfever Review – BBC Documentary

Extinction Rebellion: Last Chance to Save the World
Extinction Rebellion: Last Chance to Save the World? is the British Brainwashing Corporation’s the latest foray furthering the pretence that we’re in the middle of a “climate emergecy”, that thing which has been around for the past three months, ever since David Attenborough’s Climate Change: The Facts, where there were few facts outside of the fact that it featured David Attenborough.

Today, and while leading up to the April 15th protests, BBC3’s virtue-signalling hack Benjamin Zand bangs on about how we have just “eleven years left to save Earth”. Blimey, last year it was 12 years! Or was it 5? Who knows? When Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, he said we have just “50 days to save Earth”. Someone’s telling porkies.

So, the fearmongering continues. If it makes you scared, all of the media will peddle the bullshit in a bid for clicks and attention. And nothing makes you scared more than the end of the world, which in decades gone by was peddled by men with long beards and sandwich boards. Those people were rightly thought of as nutters. Today, we put them on TV.

One of the Extinction Rebellion mob tries to compare all this it to the civil rights movement of the ’60s. No, they had a purpose. Extinction Rebellion are just lying on the ground and stopping people getting to work. As they lie on the ground, cars are left idling, leading to additional pollution. Well done, guys(!)

Meanwhile, Zand overeggs the pudding by saying their ‘action’ is the biggest action in 500 years. I thought all programmes were meant to pass through some sort of BBC Quality Control before broadcast? He even jokes about punching policemen on the protest! Is that the sort of ‘joke’ someone should make in 2019?

Global Warming will end the world in 12 years – My vlog about all this

Also, Extinction Rebellion are stopping people getting to hospital appointments. When they carried out these protests, I read of one man who was stopped from getting to see his seriously ill niece in hospital, just before she died.

We last had a really hot summer in 1976, and no-one moaned about so-called “man-made global warming” back then. We just got on with it.

Basically, whenever Extinction Rebellion are lazying about on the tarmac, get out the water cannons. That’s the only thing that’ll shift ’em. This is especially the case when they start glueing themselves to corporate buildings. In fact, as they do that, one of them states that if they’re shifted before glue wears off, it’ll harm their skin. Oh dear… perhaps if they hadn’t embarked on search snowflake activities, they’d be fine!

Another one tells Zand that when they were arrested for participating in these protests and were locked up in a police cell for 16 hours, it sent them mad. No, fella, you’re already there!

This also goes hand-in-hand with the recent over-obsession about single-use plastic. That thing we’ve lived with for years, perfectly fine, but suddenly, in 2019, it’s a massive problem according to these oddballs. Oh, and they’re also shown drinking from plastic bottles while ‘protesting’. I wonder if, when sat at home, they make sure their fans are switched OFF, so they don’t use electricity unnecessarily?

These loonies would have us living the vegan style, whilst living a pastoral existence like Tom and Barbara Good in The Good Life.

George Carlin on The Environment

More random observations about this programme:

  • 1. There’s lots of doom-laden music, making it similar to the David Attenborough rubbish we had a few months back, and making it look like a Roland Emmerich movie.

  • 2. Kids shouldn’t be encouraged to bunk off school for such nonsense, but they are, and they’re getting involved when they should be having relationships with each other.

  • 3. Protestor Dani has dyed pink hair. Doesn’t that dye affect the planet? She also states she will pause her education for the ridiculous cause.

  • 4. Brainwashed prole Greta Thunberg turns up towards the end, as they show when she appeared on-stage during the April protests. Those watching her cheer like braying idiots as if she’s the Second Coming. And that’s another reason why this whole business comes across like those who spout religion all day long as if it’s fact.

    Come to think of it, we haven’t heard from Greta for a while. Then again, it’s the summer, so she’ll have broken up from school, and I expect she’s now discovered boys. Or girls. It’s 2019, after all.

As the late, great George Carlin said: “The Earth’s been here for 4.5 billion years. The planet is fine. The planet’s not going anywhere…. WE ARE!”

All this “man-made climate change” bullshit is the new religion. Religion is bullshit, too. Whether you pray to God, Allah or Zeus, you are completely wasting your fucking time. There is nothing up there of a spiritual nature. As John Lennon sang, “Above us, only sky”.

Similarly, since Extinction Rebellion want everyone to have zero emissions, and since that’s only possible if you’re dead, it appears that they are the new David Koresh – a religious suicide cult waiting to happen!

Oh, and these fucking nutjobs want to do it all again in September. If they block your road, just drive straight over them. Those dull cunts will get the message then.

Score: 0/10

Extinction Rebellion: Last Chance to Save the World? is broadcast tonight at 10.35pm, but is also now on the BBC iPlayer, and for the next six months. It won’t be available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Speaks for itself…