Eye Films Limited secures global distribution deal for new movie Five Pillars

Eye FilmsEye Films Limited, a Yorkshire-based company in the UK, have landed a US distribution deal with Ytinifni Pictures , based in Burbank, California, for their debut feature, Five Pillars.

The film tells the story of a group of vastly separate people, whose lives collide in interweaving stories of liberty, identity, tolerance, responsibility and class. It is a graphic and visceral portrayal of life in modern England and holds no bars in telling a story that is engaging, challenging and entertaining.

Actors George Newton (This Is England, Dead Man’s Shoes), Tom Bott (Shank) and Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart, Abduct) join the cast alongside newcomers to the screen Aaron Jeffcoate, Charlie Glossop, Adam Probets, Rachel Lucy and Amin Ali.

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Writer and director Jon Rosling struck upon the idea for the film after a chance meeting with another filmmaker at Bradford’s International Film Festival in 2012. That led to a script, a search for private investment and eventually the film shoot itself, which took place in 2013.

Jon Rosling: “The film itself was made on a mega-micro-budget – just £3500 (approx. $6000) – so it was an additional challenge as an indie film-maker to make a feature length film, of quality and capable of release. We feel we have a film that can stand confidently alongside some bigger budget productions.

This distribution deal with Ytinifni Pictures is the best offer for us because gives a global reach for Five Pillars.”


The teaser trailer for the film – released on-line last May – reached 70,000 views within a week and the film has played a number of international and national UK festivals.

The London Film Review described Five Pillars as “a powerful film that attempts to portray what it is like to live in a divided country… a strong cast imbue their characters with real authenticity and heart.”

As yet there are no release dates for the film.

Check out the Five Pillars Official Website, the Facebook page and the trailer below: