Robot of Sherwood: Doctor Who trailer, censorship and clips: Series 8 Episode 3 (2014) – BBC One

Robot of Sherwood is the third episode of the new Doctor Who series, it’s directed by Paul Murphy – who will also direct episode 6, The Caretaker, it’s written by Mark Gatiss from The League of Gentlemen, and this time they meet Robin of Sherwood!

However, in this episode in Sherwood forest, the Doctor finds an evil plan from outer space, and makes an alliance with Robin Hood. With Nottingham at stake, the Doctor must decide who is real and who is fake. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman star alongside Ben Miller as The Sheriff of Nottingham.

What a shame this episode has been censored because the BBC think the beheading of a robot (reportedly) equates to what’s happening in Iraq and have cow-towed to the Daily Mail brigade by cutting it out. Absolutely pathetic! If the person carrying out the beheading was wearing a balaclava and was also a coward calling himself Jihadi John, then they might’ve had a point, but for now, it smacks of “SAVE SOMETHING EXCLUSIVE FOR THE BLU-RAY AND DVD!”

Some new videos have been made available by the BBC, which rather makes a mockery of The Doctor saying he’s going “into darkness”, as they look as light-hearted as it’s possible to get.

The first is the trailer, then the Doctor and Clara meet Robin Hood and, finally, Robin and the Sheriff do battle in a game of archery.

Robot of Sherwood is broadcast on BBC1, Saturday night at 7.30pm.

Check out the clips below, starting with the trailer: