Final Score – Trailer 1 – Dave Bautista

Final Score
Final Score looks like one of those ’90s action thrillers that still play out like a ’90s action thriller when the rest of the world has moved on.

Terrorists have kicked up a ruckus at a football match (or soccer, as they call it in the US), and unless Michael Knox (Dave BautistaGuardians of the Galaxy Vol.2) can find some Russian baddie before the 90 minutes are up, bad stuff will happen, and there’s 35,000 spectatoes that it can happen to.

In 1995, Jean-Claude Van Damme made a great movie called Sudden Death, about bad stuff happening at an ice hockey match… and this looks exactly the same sort of thing.

And it also has Pierce Brosnan doing a terrible Russian accent.

Oh, and it should be an uncut 18-certificate, but the studio have allowed it to be cut down a 15. Oh dear…

Final Score is released on September 7th in the UK, in cinemas and on Sky Movies, like The Hurricane Heist, which I still have to get round to seeing.

Given that this is centred around football, surely it would’ve been better to swap this with that movie, so it came out BEFORE the World Cup?!

Either way, I think I’ll give the final whistle a miss.

Director: Scott Mann
Also stars: Ray Stevenson, Kamil Lemieszewski, Martyn Ford, Ralph Brown, Aaron McCusker, Amit Shah

Check out the trailer below: