For Her Sins – The DVDfever Review – Channel 5 drama – Jo Joyner, Rachel Shenton

For Her Sins For Her Sins sees young mum Laura (Jo JoynerRiptide) chancing across Emily (Rachel ShentonAll Creatures Great And Small) in the local park, as daughter Eliza has gone missing, and this comes after Laura declaring to an unseen individual that it’s not easy to make friends when you’re an adult. Emily finds Eliza, or was there more to it? Ooh, what a tangled web… we might be weaving… that we’ve seen a number of times before.

I’m guessing the person on the other end is a therapist, but at the time of posting this review, I’ve only seen what’s been broadcast so far.

But back home, Laura cuts her finger, causing a drop of blood to trigger a flashback to being a child, and presumably some sort of repressed memory.

As the opener plays out, it feels like wherever Emily is, she’s calming down the situation, especially when Eliza doesn’t want to go into school, thus turning into Damien from The Omen, and flocks to Rachel, who makes it alright. How did she convince the child? Either way, I hated being in school, too.

However, the last line of Part 1 shows there’s more to this than meets the eye, so when Laura keeps bumping into her at later events, we can tell there’s something going on.

So, For Her Sins has a bit of a hint of 1991’s The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and 1992’s Single White Female, as Emily inveigles her way into the lives of Laura and her husband, Rob (Duncan PowThe Salisbury Poisonings).

Later on, this first episode appears to throw in some darker elements, but it all does feel rather too random. I think I’ll check out the Twitter reaction before considering watching a second episode.

What’s of more concern, however, is that how come they still use the same ‘door opening/closing’ sound which has been in use for well over 20 years? I remember it from both Cold Feet, and the old 2006 PC game, SiN Episodes: Emergence! Ah, I loved that game. Apparently, nine ‘Episodes’ were planned, but only one was released.

And here’s some of those tweets… yep, I can’t see it improving:

And I’ll hide these behind a spoiler header, even though I’ve left out spoilers. Further updates will be added after each episode has been broadcast, since I haven’t seen it in advance.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

UPDATE Episode 2:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

UPDATE Episode 3:

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UPDATE Episode 4:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Thanks to our friends at Channel 5 for the screener for episode 1 prior to broadcast.

For Her Sins continues tomorrow on Channel 5, and every night until Thursday at 9pm. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but when it is, it will be listed on the New DVD, Blu-ray, 3D and 4K releases UK page.

If you miss it, you can watch the each episode on My5 after transmission.

For Her Sins – Trailer REACTION – DVDfeverGames

Director: Adrian McDowall
Writer/Creator: Jo Rogers

Laura: Jo Joyner
Emily: Rachel Shenton
Rob: Duncan Pow
Eliza: Romi Hyland-Rylands
Tom: Ansu Kabia
Liam Steven: Gerard Miller
Maggie: Ann Mitchell
Ms Price: Isla Jackson-Ritchie
Jane: Erica Muscat
Rachel: Jade-Marie Joseph
Stuart: Sean James Sutton
Adam (Social Worker): Shane Rowe
Police Officer: Edward Thorpe