24 Live Another Day Season 9 Episode 3 – The DVDfever Review

Episode 3

24 continued unabated and the clock ticks on consecutively in Episode 3, even though they’re going to have to make a massive time-jump at some point.

So, since a woman scorned and all that re: Simone (Emily Berrington) from last time, as she plunged a knife into Yates’ head, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) proves it’s still possible to make the man-bag look fashionable.

The first “Dammit!” comes just 3:43 into the episode when he realises the scale of the problem in trying to track Simone down after she murdered Yates.

After deducing that the girl with her new-found case is travelling on the tube via the Northern Line, Chloe’s doing the navigating and she seems perfectly in tune with the directions around the capital even though she won’t know the London streets at all. Later, Simone gives them both the slip because Chloe’s pre-occupied with her family, for a situation in which she blames herself and thinks she could’ve prevented. And despite her tear-less crying, her eye make-up is still perfect. Not bad for a Goth who lives in a squat!

As the episode lumbers on in predictable fashion, there’s some other guff about Boudreau playing on Heller’s amnesia, and discussing it with Audrey, but it’s tedious by comparison.


Elsewhere, Kay Burley‘s presenting Sky News without making any gaffes, for a change, and the plot seemingly deepens with the Al-Harazi family, but it’s a road we’ve been down many times before with femme fatales and it can only surprise those new to this franchise. And despite the drone killing army people last week, the anti-drone brigade are still rightly angry about it all, but it doesn’t make for any kind of engaging programme when Heller gets heckled.

But there are many questions which need to be answered and which we will never know:

  • How does Kiefer manage to pass through London tube ticket barriers, tailgating another man, when it’s physically impossible because they’d close on him?

  • And how come Jack was held up in what seemed like the longest queue of all time towards the end, when he’s trying to get into the U.S. Embassy? It never seemed to move! I know us British are well-known for our queuing skills, but it don’t seem the most exciting of plot developments when we know what’s going to happen by the time he reaches the front…

  • Oh, and how did he think he could pass for another member of the human race when Bauer’s face will have been all over the news?

    Dammit count: 2


    Score: 5/10

    Director: Adam Kane
    Producer: Iain Smith
    Screenplay: Sang Kyu Kim and Patrick Somerville
    Music: Sean Callery

    Jack Bauer: Kiefer Sutherland
    Chloe O’Brian: Mary Lynn Rajskub
    Simone Al-Harazi: Emily Berrington
    Kate Morgan: Yvonne Strahovski
    Steve Navarro: Benjamin Bratt
    Mark Boudreau: Tate Donovan
    President James Heller: William Devane
    Erik Ritter: Gbenga Akinnagbe
    Adrian Cross: Michael Wincott
    Jordan Reed: Giles Matthey
    Ron Clark: Ross McCall
    Captain Greg Denovo: Duncan Pow
    Chris Tanner: John Boyega
    Chell: Mandeep Dhillon
    Lt Lucas Miller: Nick Donald
    Margot Al-Harazi: Michelle Fairley
    Audrey Raines: Kim Raver
    Prime Minister Alastair Davies: Stephen Fry
    Checkpoint Marine: Tim Seyfert
    Belcheck: Branko Tomovic