Gleylancer on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

Gleylancer Gleylancer is a new version of the 1992 Sega Megadrive title, released by Ratalaika Games, and is a bullet-hell shooter (hell, in a good way) over 11 stages. I hadn’t played it before this, but hugely enjoyed having fun working my way through this from start to finish, even though my nerves were frayed by the end of it.

And in the gameplay below, while the first 10 stages were relatively straight-forward to get through, it was the complete opposite for the final one, partly because I only really grasped the importance of the ‘speed’ option at that point, so when you see me faffing about so damn much, bear that in mind. And I’ve skipped two deaths of mine because it was endless rewinding. Just embarrassing on my part 😉

However, while I won’t rush to play through it again immediately, there’s many different options to select which will give you a different experience each time.

One simple option I took before beginning, however, was to remap some of the buttons to make it more like what I’m used to, but you can remap any button to any other button.

For the options, there are three types of gameplay:

  • Modern: Classic gameplay, but you can press a button to change your mover system at any time. You’ll use the right stick to aim your gunners freely, there are separate speed up/speed down buttons, high scores are saved (including Mania mode if you unlock it) and “fancier subtitles”.

    Note that the Mover system gives several ways of controlling how you shoot weapons. I kept it on “normal”, so the turrets follow my direction of travel.

  • Vintage: Just like the orignal Japanese release, even disabling rewind (and I NEEDED rewind!)

  • Cheater: Enter cheat codes as and when you find them.

You can also play the game in classic 4:3 (as I did) or stretched sideways to fill a 16:9 screen (no thanks). There’s also wallpaper options for the sides, or even CRT shaders. I didn’t plan to include a stars-based wallpaper on the sides, but I accidentally ended up leaving that on by default. It’s quite subtle, though.

Now, for my next playthrough, can I do it with one life and without rewinding? Stop laughing at the back*! (*and everywhere else)

Score: 8/10

Gleylancer is released on Friday October 15th on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S from their respective stores, all of which can be accessed from the Ratalaika Games site.

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Important info:

  • Developer: Masaya
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • Players: single-player