Harvest Hunt – Coming soon on Steam! Let’s Play!

Harvest Hunt Harvest Hunt is coming soon to Steam, from Villainous Games Studio and Neonhive Games.

Description: “The plague came quickly. The rot and fear bloomed. Pestilence claimed the land, the crops, the animals. Our thriving community withered. And so, we ran…”

In their frantic escape from the Black Death’s merciless grip, a congregation of villagers found themselves ensnared in the eerie isolation of Luna Nova: a promised land where all was not as it seemed. Here, monstrous entities prowl the ever-present shadows, thirsting for more than just the blood of the lost. As the Warden, destiny has chosen you to be the solitary guardian of these accursed souls, to stand against an encroaching darkness.

Reap the Harvest. End the Hunt.

Nightfall in Luna Nova is not just darkness; it’s a heart-stopping, breath-stealing descent into gut-wrenching dread. The cornfields, a labyrinth of despair, whisper with unseen horrors. Among them, the Devourer – a specter of unspeakable dread. Each night is a deadly game of cat and mouse.

In this twisted fate, you are the architect of survival. Forge your arsenal from destiny’s Whispers – a tarot-inspired deck imbued with skills and tools. Blend stealth and strategy to navigate the hellish maze of Luna Nova’s cornfields. Each excursion is a unique ordeal, a test of wit and will against a curse that seeps through the very soil.

Harvest Hunt is released on May 22nd on Steam.

Check out the gameplay below:

**EEK!! SCARY!!!** Let’s Play HARVEST HUNT – PC (4K UHD 60fps, ULTRA) – Gameplay – DVDfeverGames