Chuhou Joutai on PC / Steam – The DVDfever Review & Full Walkthrough

Chuhou Joutai Chuhou Joutai is a top-down shoot-em-up that pays homage back to games like this from the early ’80s, where you’d be walking up the screen, firing away, while being bombarded by a zillion bullets from hard-as-nails bad guys.

I’d never heard of the term “Danmaku game”, but that’s a manic shooter, and I’ve certainly seen such games before, so if this is your bag, then you’re in for a treat.

Like most such games, I tended to completely ignore the premise, and get stuck straight into them, but if you want a plot, then you’re in a country called Kozan, deep in a Civil War, thanks to a left-wing extremist group known as SPASDOT. I played as The Real Driller, but you can also choose Princess Kagami (or even play 2-player co-op if you have a friend!), and then negotiate (and die a lot) the colourful bullet ballet that displays ahead of you.

Then again, the occasional smart bomb also helps, but these are VERY limited, so save them for the big bosses!

The sound is like brilliant, classic chiptune music from yesteryear, and with the movement of your character as you head up the environment, in this narrow-screened shooter, this brought so many memories flooding back of great times.

The Arcade mode has eight levels, all of which were fun to play. However, I do have to state that I got a bit bored with the story aspect. Plus, it was silly that could just walk through everything and with infinite lives, but the shoot em up aspect was fun.

However, the game is only UKP 7.19 on Steam right now, and with a 10% discount until Thursday May 28th, so it’s just UKP 6.47! You can’t complain about that when it gives you a fun hour or so of entertainment, so get on it!

And check out my gameplay walkthrough below:

Note the timestamps in the gameplay video below:

    0:00 Gameplay for all 8 levels
    55:10 Music Room (sample tunes)
    55:31 Achievement Centre (well, I somehow only managed one, even though I completed the game!)
    55:38 The opening of the game when you start it running
    57:30 “Good night” section

Score: 7/10

Chuhou Joutai is released today and you can buy this on Steam.

Chuhou Joutai – Gameplay Walkthrough – DVDfeverGames

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    4GB nVidia GeForce GTX 980
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