Hotel Artemis – Red Band Trailer 1 – Jodie Foster

Hotel Artemis
Hotel Artemis is a place run by Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster, in her first movie role since 2013’s Elysium, which I’ve still to catch up on), aka The Nurse. A Red Band Trailer has now been released.

Check out the trailer below:

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April 16th:

It’s an ultra-exclusive, members-only hospital hidden in a hotel redolent of faded ’20s glamour. Tough, sharp and utterly fearless, The Nurse (Foster, above, with Jeff Goldblum and Zachary Quinto) treats an assortment of assassins, gunrunners, thieves and gangsters in an unexpected state-of-the-art emergency room capable of providing a new liver with a 3D printer or injecting a patient with nanobots which heal from the inside out.

With the help of her towering assistant Everest, The Nurse wrangles some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, from sultry French assassin Nice, and international arms dealer Acapulco, to bank robbers Waikiki and his brother Honolulu.

One night as a violent riot rages on the streets of Los Angeles, legendary crime boss Orian Franklin, aka Niagara, arrives needing immediate treatment after a failed attempt on his life. Niagara’s sudden arrival creates a violent clash among the criminals in the hospital, with one ‘patient’ having a particularly deadly motive for checking into the hotel. The Nurse makes a decision that could jeopardise the future of the ER and everyone in it.

Now the safest place for criminals in the city has become the most dangerous…

I love the look of this, as well as the line, “Visiting hours are NEVER!” Hmm… rather like Wythenshawe Hospital, then. In fact, the grassy areas near that place were the location for The Last Of Us.

Writer/Director Drew Pearce also brought us the scripts for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Iron Man 3 and is working on an untitled Ghostbusters project. Now, I loved Rogue Nation, and I thought Iron Man 3 was so-so, but while I loved the original Ghostbusters, and with the sequel being a bit iffy, we still had to suffer the 2016 reboot, PLEASE no more!

Hotel Artemis is released in the UK on July 20th.

Also stars: Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Sterling K Brown, Evan Jones, Brian Tyree Henry, Kenneth Choi, Nathan Davis Jr, Sandra Rosko

Check out the trailer below: