I Am Danielle – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 – Letitia Wright

I Am Danielle I Am Danielle continues the return of 2019’s “I Am” series with another trilogy of episodes.

This time, as we meet Danielle (Letitia Wright), she’s discussing with her friend, Tara (Sophia Brown) what their ideas are of the perfect relationship.

Our lead character is looking for someone who is genuine, kind and has a genuine love for her, amongst other qualities, whilst berating her friend for seeing so many men.

But before too long, photographer Danielle – who admits she finds it hard to read people – may just have met the perfect man in one of her clients, Michael (CJ Beckford).

Later, we see they do meet up, but are things going to go to plan? She has specific intentions for the dating game, but does he share them?

As I’m posting this before it airs, I can’t say too much, obviously, but suffice to say that while events take a turn later on, is it something that will change their relationship irrecoverably?

Overall, I Am Danielle meanders far too long, and when it does finally reveal its card, it’s too late in the script to do anything meaningful with it, and feels a rather wasted hour.

I Am Danielle is on Channel 4 on Thursday August 12th at 9pm. After broadcast, it will be on All 4.

It is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Score: 4/10

Director: Dominic Savage
Producer: Krishnendu Majumdar
Writer: Dominic Savage
Music: Anthony John

Danielle: Letitia Wright
Michael: CJ Beckford
Tara: Sophia Brown
Natalie: Simona Brown