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I Am Greta
I Am Greta… Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish girl who probably started off with good intentions when bunking off school in Stockholm, on a Friday for a ‘school strike for climate’.

I know if I was at school, back in the day, I’d have done the same because school was boring. However, as time has gone on, her parents have sent her around the world and with the financial backing of George Soros, she’s a puppet (not just in Spitting Image form, with that programme’s disastrous relaunch) who’s being used as his poster girl. She’s basically, the modern-day Howard Beale from the film, Network, being used and abused by those in charge to further their agenda.

It’s amazing to see how many people are drawn in with the “Isn’t Greta wonderful!” mantra, when in reality, it stems back to a 15-year-old girl being abused and exploited by her parents.

You’d think she would be happy that COVID19 has stopped everyone flying in great numbers but no, it’s clear with her recent actions that she’ll never be happy, because being happy stops bringing in the cheques.

But for this documentary, and we first see her travelling across the Atlantic Ocean in August 2019, signalling her virtue because she’d rather spend two weeks to get to a conference rather than fly – even though she had two teams on the yacht who changed over halfway through, each one flying in and out to do so. Everyone on the yacht would need to take turns to poo in a bucket.

And for someone who claims to be environmentally-friendly, why does she waste electricity powering a mobile phone and laptop? Why not just send up smoke signals, or make the Batfink signal?

Welcome to the New World Order…

What follows is a series of random observations about I Am Greta, because there’s no coherent structure to the documentary:

  • Watching this documentary, we see that even when she started all this back in August 2018 (even though schools would normally be closed during the summer?! Certainly are in the UK!), she had someone filming her (no doubt, her parents), so the whole brand of Greta has been stage-managed from day one.

  • Lunch in Sweden is shredded carrots, cucumber and tomato. No wonder she’s tired – she needs a few burgers down her throat.

  • As a youngster, she switched off lights around the house and pulled out the light cords. Why? Because “she wanted to save energy”. In fact, she just acted like a petulant child.

  • Other staged events include:

    • getting people to sit down with her, as if she’s a modern day Jesus with her band of followers
    • filming people as they take photos of her (another example coming up)
    • getting hundreds of drones together for her ‘Fridays for Future’ scams.

  • While on strike – which she states will last until the election, she’s asked by a passing member of the public why she’s not in school, to which she replies, “Why would I need an education if there is no future?” – and we know just how stage-managed this is because when scenes haven’t been set up like this, and she hasn’t got a script to follow, she’s at a complete loss, as my video below shows…

  • It’s also hilarious that she thinks politicians are there to be trusted. Look at the clusterfuck of a mess that the Tories have made ever since they were elected again in 2010?

  • We’ve had a gutful lately of this sort of thing, especially from David Attenborough with his crazy Climate Change: The Facts – the only facts being that the title was the name of the programme, and that he was presenting it. He’s also the biggest hypocrite after racking up the airmiles for 70 years in his career.

  • Her parents play on her autism and Asperger’s, making it sound like she has a superpower as a result, as she says, “Perhaps only we* understand this” (*with her conditions)

    Greta Thunberg speaks at COP 25 climate conference (Dec 3rd 2019) – DVDfeverGames

  • Early on, her father, Svante Thunberg, is interviewed. Come off it, fella, you’ve been abusing the poor girl into your money-making scams, even to the point of them dressing her up as if she’s about 10, with those ridiculous pigtails.

  • She says she doesn’t like making small talk or socialising. You know who’s like that? Pretty much EVERYONE! And especially, every teenager. I remember hating making conversation as a kid. In fact, there’s a lot of things she does where she’s very similar to the average teenager.

  • Greta once saw a film about starving polar bears. Well, if you watch the news, they’ll show footage of polar bears standing on a tiny patch of ice and nothing else in the near vicinity… but that’s because it’s a tightly-focused shot. Pull the camera back, and you’d see TONS of ice!

  • We were told in 2018 how we only had 12 years to save the Earth – so more doom-mongering, and she puts all this baloney down to what’s making her depressed. No, love, the reason you’re depressed is because you’re a TEENAGER! Go buy a games console, or kiss a boy. Live a bit!

  • And you haven’t got anxiety, you just can’t think of anything good to do. Really, teenagers and their ‘mental health’ issues really need to learn that there’s only one person who can pull themselves out of a nosedive and that’s themselves. No-one’s going to give you a free pass in life. Either get on with things, or sit in a funk, forever. Hence why she moans about “I nearly starved to death”. Don’t overegg the pudding, dear. The Oscar for Best Actress is clearly in the bag for 2021.

  • Greta goes to COP24 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland – the COP events seeing 300,000 people travelling by plane to a single location, so they can moan about mankind flying. Oh, the irony! And what do they archieve at these events? The sum total is nothing but arranging a date for the next two-week jolly. In fact, even though the event gives them two weeks to come up with something, they still fanny around for that entire time and then…. as if luck would have it – they just HAVE to stay on for another couple of days at the taxpayers’ expense (so it’s clear all the hotel rooms have been booked up for that length of time – it ain’t a surprise!), and then stay up all night just to come up with nothing, but in the pretence, one of them will get up on a table and dance like a teenager who’s just had their first crush returned.

    ….and remember how I said she wouldn’t stop moaning? Well, she can’t believe people eat MEAT there! EGADS!

    This is what leads to the smelly hippies like Extinction Rebellion taking over whole streets bcause the polce let them rather than keep order.

    Greta Thunberg in Bristol for a Climate Strike! My response to this (Feb 28th 2020) – DVDfeverGames

  • With Greta, everything’s always about how the world is ending. If we’re to believe the fictional Bible, everyone saw first-hand how Jesus turned water into wine. Well, that’s clearly bullshit… it really doesn’t pass the sniff test, does it?

  • When it comes to Greta Thunberg, if she really has got all the conditions she states, then she really shouldn’t be doing anything like this and getting involved in such crowds, since one day she could end up taking her own life. Or, she’ll be like Forrest Gump where she’s running along and being followed by crowds until the moment when… she just stops and goes home, leaving everyone to wonder why they bothered in the first place.

  • Seeing huge crowds chant “Go Greta, save the planet” like she’s tne new Messiah. But she’s not the new Messiah, she’s a very naughty girl… to coin a phrase.

  • At one point, she reads out a tweet which clearly gives this film the 12-certificate, as it states Fuck Greta”, even though the subtitles asterisk it out.

  • Sometimes we see Greta dancing when she’s on her own. If it wasn’t staged, then it’s what she should be doing normally anyway, because she’s not living a normal teenage life.

  • At one point, she holds her makeshift climate sign in front of a cooling tower belching out smoke, while moaning how “nature will fight back some day”. She really is the Queen Of Lies. She has as much legitimacy as David Icke, and this is seen to great effect, just over an hour in… the Oscar momentum is building up as she gives a speech at the Strasbourg Parliament whilst pretending to cry. All the world leaders watching her signal their virtue by standing up whilst applauding. It just makes me angry seeing so many fools being taken in.

  • Even the Houses of Parliament got involved with this, as an audio speech is played while she stands about outside, then is shown in other places, looking all wistful.

    Greta Thunberg delivers the ULTIMATE Mic Drop in Berlin! (August 22nd 2020) – DVDfeverGames

  • And then we come back to the aforementioned transatlantic yacht trip, but before it starts, she’s crying… because she’ll miss her dogs. Cue plinky-plonky piano music. and plenty of onlooking media outlets including the BBC’s Bullshitter In Chief, Justin Rowlatt.

  • This all leads up to her famous “How dare you?” speech, where she channelled her inner Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, since this film is noly just coming out now, then it’s only a few months until the 2021 Oscars. I doubt there’l be a huge audience and that everyone will have to accept their awards from home via Zoom or Skype, but if anyone’s the Queen Of Being Socially Distant, it’s Greta Thunberg.

  • The only thing she gets right in this is when she arrives in New York and pretend-shouts, “I shouldn’t be here. I should be in school”.

  • Even more ridiculously, this led to adults going outside and holding up banners that say, “Work Strike For Climate”. I’m quite sure that if I went outside for the day, in order to ‘strike for climate’, my boss would lock the door and tell me not to bother coming back in.

  • This was Sept 2019. She may have had 7 million followers in the streets for this strike on one day, but a year later, she had just 100 people doing the same thing with her. That’s not the doing of the worldwide pandemic, but the fact that we’ve had the reality of COVID19 to take our minds off her nonsense.

    The Cult of Greta is a religion for the modern age…

    Overall: I Am Greta is the greatest comedy of 2020, and it continues into the end credits where we also hear from her brainwashed followers.

    It’s also interesting to note that the average score on IMDB, as I type, is just 3.2/10. Quite a marked change from the 4/5 scores in the publicity material at the top.

    And if you do choose to watch the film, then make sure you see Network afterwards if you haven’t already. That’s what’s coming…

    I Am Greta is released in cinemas from Friday October 16th, and then on Amazon Video from November 16th. The Blu-ray and DVD releases have yet to be announced.

    I Am Greta – Official UK Trailer

    Detailed specs:

    Running time: 97 minutes
    Release date: October 16th 2020
    Studio: Dogwoof Pictures
    Format: 1.78:1 (16:9)
    Rating: George Soros/10

    Director: Nathan Grossman
    Producers: Fredrik Heinig, Cecilia Nessen
    Story Editor: Olof Berglind
    Based on an idea and concept by Peter Modestij
    Music: Jon Ekstrand, Rebekka Karijord

    Greta Thunberg
    António Guterres (UN Secretary General)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Svante Thunberg