Addicted to Murder 2: Tainted Blood on VHS video – The DVDfever Review

Addicted to Murder 2Addicted To Murder 2: Tainted Blood is the sequel to Kevin Lindenmuth’s cult classic, Addicted To Murder, once again starring Mick McCleery as Joel Winter, the serial-killing vampire.

New York City is one of the prime breeding grounds for the vampire, a creature that is very selective in whom it chooses to bestow the gift of eternal life. Among the candidates are the twenty-something Tricia, who desires to experience any life but her own; Jonathan, a young vampire with an attitude problem; and of course a few serial killers like Joel who search for something beyond their psychopathic lives…

But there’s one problem – a rogue vampire who is turning people who aren’t worthy of “The Gift” – and it’s up to Angie Karnstein to find her sister and put an end to these creatures with the tainted blood…

The picture is mostly fine on this videotape – there being a little video noise at the bottom – and the mono sound is functional, but still sounds good in the ‘munching’ scenes…

After the film comes trailers for other Brimstone videos including the Alien Agenda series.

Overall, this film won’t win any awards at the Oscars in March, but it’s not the sort of film you’d expect to be in the running for those – it’s more intended for watching with a few beers at home after the pub for a bit of a laugh and it also has a high cheese factor.


Detailed specs:
Cert: Unrated
Running time: 80 minutes
Year: 1998
Distributor: Brimstone Productions
Sound: Mono BP111

Director: Kevin Lindenmuth
Screenplay: Kevin Lindenmuth
Music: Alucarda

Angie: Sasha Graham
Joel: Mick McCleery
Tricia: Sarah K Lippmann
Jonathan: Ted Grayson
Jackie: Robbi Firestone
The Vampire Expert: Ted V Mikels