Kevin The Carrot – Aldi Christmas Advert 2016

Kevin The Carrot Kevin The Carrot is Aldi’s 2016 Christmas advert, and is at least a step-up from John Lewis’ Buster The Boxer ad.

Jim Broadbent narrates an alternate version of Twas The Night Before Christmas, properly titled A Visit from St. Nicholas published without an author’s name in 1823, yet later claimed by Clement Clarke Moore in 1837.

It’s clearly cheaper and certainly shorter than the John Lewis one, as this clocks in at just a minute. It’s quite amusing but won’t set the world on fire. Still, at least it didn’t make me vomit like that other one. And it doesn’t feature a horrible twee song, either.

Check out the advert below and click on the Kevin the Carrot picture above for the full-size version.