Love Mrs Claus – Marks and Spencers Christmas 2016 advert – men-bashing and racist, nauseating twaddle

Love Mrs Claus Love Mrs Claus proves I really haven’t watched much commercial TV over the past week, as I completely missed the debut of the Marks and Spencers Christmas 2016 advert… and I clearly missed nothing.

Advertising execs have championed men-bashing in recent times, and this continues with M&S, as Father Christmas, or is it Santa Claus?, goes off round the world to deliver presents – and being told to make sure he doesn’t forget Australia, to which he mutters to himself, “Easily done”. Why? Is he racist??!

Meanwhile, Mrs Claus gives the impression that she’s sat at home busy doing nothing, yet one snotty kid in London (always bloody London!!!!) wants a present for his sister, and writing to Mrs Claus seems to be the only way to do it.

Cue scenes of family fights, while Mrs Claus saves the day (because only women can in the advertiser’s world), and you can’t escape from a yawnsome environmental message hitting you over the head with a mallet, as she flies her big chopper (F’nar! F’nar!) across icy landscapes where the ice is melting…

(Y’see, ice melts, then it refreezes, and round the cycle goes, but that doesn’t stop the politicians and the media from telling you that it just melts and melts and melts, since the only climate they’re interested in is a climate of fear)

Anyhoo, M&S’ ad is all very tiresome and reminds me why I’d rather go to Matalan for all my household tat.

Check out the advert below and click on the above image for the full-size version: