Kirsty Duffy (The Wright Stuff) has given birth to her new daughter Freja Amelie

kirsty-duffyKirsty Duffy is the longest-serving “babe in the booth”, albeit not in a booth any more as the ‘booth’ is now part of the audience, and she’s been on the show since May 2009. As confirmed back in December, she hasn’t quit, she’s was actually pregnant.

She then fell ill, suffering from a complication called Hyperemesis, causing nausea, and along the way more illness befell her including a a haemorrage, as the baby was drinking her blood, and then was suffering from anemia. Hyperemesis was also the condition suffered by Kate Middleton during her first pregnancy.

And today, it was announced on The Wright Stuff by Richard Madeley, standing in for Matthew Wright, that Kirsty has now given birth to her daughter, Freja Amelie and a picture can be seen online here, on Hello Magazine’s website.

Congratulations to Kirsty and her partner, Ben Richards, who is two-years clear after originally being diagnosed with bowel cancer, and he has also announced that he will soon be playing Sgt Ben Bradley in Hollyoaks, Channel 4’s flagship soap opera, broadcast each weekday at 6.30pm.

You can also follow Kirsty Duffy and Ben Richards on Twitter.

Until Kirsty’s return on The Wright Stuff, you can see her being a bit saucy on the show, asking viewers to send in their tweets 😉