Kirsty Duffy – where has she gone from The Wright Stuff?

kirsty-duffyKirsty Duffy is the longest-serving “babe in the booth”, albeit not in a booth any more as the ‘booth’ is now part of the audience, and she’s been on the show since May 2009. The fact she hasn’t been on has led to some viewers thinking she’s quit – or as Matthew said some viewers have suggested, that he had killed her(!) – but thankfully neither of these are the case, as she explained when she was on The Wright Stuff this morning.

Kirsty is pregnant, but then fell ill, suffering from a complication called Hyperemesis, causing nausea, and along the way more illness befell her including a a haemorrage, as the baby was drinking her blood, and now she is suffering from anemia.

Thankfully, she will get better, and her baby – due in March – will be fine, while her partner, Ben Richards, is two-years clear after originally being diagnosed with bowel cancer, so here’s hoping everything is now on the up for them all, and she is back on The Wright Stuff very soon.

If you’re in the UK, you can see today’s episode for the next seven days here.

Update: Kirsty has now given birth and more info can be found here.

Update – May 2017: Kirsty Duffy is now hosting Coast Vs Country on Channel 4 at 4pm on weekdays, alongside Dr David Bull. You can watch episodes online in the UK here.

You can also follow Kirsty Duffy on Twitter.

Hyperemesis was also the condition suffered by Kate Middleton during her first pregnancy, and in this video below, from 2011, Kirsty gives Kate and Will a teabagging!