Kurier (The Messenger) – The DVDfever Review – Polish WWII movie

Kurier – aka The Messenger, in some territories – centres around Jan Nowak-Jezioranski (Philippe Tlokinski), a real-life hero who took messages between Poland and London, and then wanted to get back to Warsaw, but found travel going that way almost impossible to come by, in terms of plane travel. Hence, only sailing appears to be an option, but that’ll take forever.

Along the way in his journey, he’s being tasked with a top secret mission, which involves going to see Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and will see him tracking down a man called Bór, and convincing him not only to start an uprising, but also to convince him that it was his idea.

However, this man is difficult to come by, so he sees a General Tatar instead, and then someone else, and this is the start of the problems for the film. The plot does get a bit tied up in knots sometimes as there are too many characters vying for screen time, and too many of them either not being interesting or being a distraction from the main plot, such that it is – and the same goes for a potential love interest in Doris (Julie Engelbrecht).

In fact, it feels like it has less than an hour’s plot, but it’s stretched out to almost two, although throwing in a bit of double-crossing along the way between certain characters, as is always the way with this sort of film.

Kurier (The Messenger) is released today in cinemas, but isn’t yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Kurier (The Messenger) – Theatrical Trailer

Detailed specs:

Running time: 114 minutes
Release date: June 28th 2019
Studio: Bulldog Film Distribution
Format: 2.35:1
Rating: 2/10

Director: Wladyslaw Pasikowski
Producers: Klaudiusz Frydrych, Dariusz Gawin, Jan Oldakowski, Sylwia Wilkos
Screenplay: Wladyslaw Pasikowski, Sylwia Wilkos
Music: Jan Duszynski

Jan Nowak-Jezioranski: Philippe Tlokinski
Doris: Julie Engelbrecht
Tom Dunbar: Bradley James
Steiger: Martin Butzke
Witze: Nico Rogner
Connection Marysia: Patricia Volny
General Kazimierz Sosnkowski: Jan Frycz
Kazimierz Wolski: Tomasz Schuchardt
General Tadeusz ‘Bór’ Komorowski: Grzegorz Malecki
General Tadeusz Pelczynski: Miroslaw Baka