Legend – International Teaser Trailer #1 – Tom Hardy

legendLegend tells the tale of identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray, both played by Tom Hardy, who terrorise London during the ’50s and ’60s.

Back in 1990, we had Spandau Ballet’s Martin and Gary Kemp playing The Krays, but now, what do women like more than a film with Tom Hardy in it? A film with TWO Tom Hardys!

Legend also stars Taron Egerton, Emily Browning, Colin Morgan, Christopher Eccleston, David Thewlis, Paul Anderson, Tara Fitzgerald and Chazz Palminteri, and is written and directed by Brian Helgeland, who wrote the screenplay for LA Confidential and directed Payback, with the film being released in the UK on September 11th.

Check out the trailer below and click on the image above for the full-size version: