Locke Reverse Trailer – Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson Movie HD

lockeLocke Reverse, you ask? Yes, if the teaser trailer and the Official Trailer didn’t make a massive amount of sense, then don’t expect this brief one to do so instead, but even the very basics – a 90-minute film with just one character onscreen for the entire time – makes me eager to see if Tom Hardy can carry it off. Given his gravitas, I’m sure he can.

Locke is new thriller starring Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) which is simply described with the synopsis: A man’s life unravels during a 90-minutes race against time.

Directed and written by Steven Wright (Hummingbird) and also starring Ruth Wilson (Luther), Andrew Scott (Sherlock), Tom Holland (The Impossible), Olivia Colman (Peep Show, Broadchurch, Tyrannosaur), Ben Daniels (House of Cards), Alice Lowe (This is Jinsy), Bill Milner (Son of Rambow, X-Men: First Class), Danny Webb (Hummingbird, Lightfields) and Lee Ross (Press Gang, Titanic), Locke is released on April 18th in the UK.

Check out the “Locke Reverse” trailer below: