Little Mix: The Search – The DVDfever Review – BBC talent show

Little Mix: The Search Little Mix: The Search: This band have sold 50 million records apparently, even though they come across as one-hit wonders with ridiculous tattoos.

No idea who they’ve sold their records to… I guess the Rolling Stones weren’t available for this.

They come up with dumb feminist anthems like Salute, and Shout Out To My Ex, the latter spending forever to waffle on about how they’re better off without a man, even though most normal people who find themselves single just get on with it, rather than obsessing about it.

Anyhoo, this long-delayed series (due to the COVID19 pandemic) is yet another talent show and just like all the rest, as they pick who will audition for them face to face to make up 6 new bands, the first week focusing on boybands. Eventually, the winners will join Little Mix on tour, even though any shows won’t be happening for some time.

Overall: One of the most tedious talent shows ever made, but at least it’s not ramming politics down your throat like Britain’s Got Talent.

First up is Adam, who – with some post-production, sounded slightly better than the pub singer. I’m not going to say whether or not he or anyone else goes through, but to proceed to the next round (the Band Room), you have to get three “YES” reactions from the girls. However, they all look too nice to actually turn anyone down. Some of the others have ridiculous names like Tate, Zeekay, Kaci and Talis.

Inbetween the acts, the girls have some faux bonding between each other, such as one moment where they start smelling each other… huh?

Time is also filled by seeing occasional comments dropped in from those who have gone into the Band Room already, as they talk about the new potentials coming in.

Around 2/3 of the way through, it’s time to get everyone together in one room as they whittle down the potentials to see who’ll create the next actual generic boyband, seeing who gels with who; and when they do select the band members, it’s done with one of them supposedly using a Minority Report-style device to place them next to each other. Yep, no-one’s believing that.

Little Mix: The Search continues on Sunday night at 6.45pm as they deal with Mixed Groups. I haven’t seen that, and I won’t be, either. The series is unlikely to ever be on Blu-ray and DVD, but you can watch each episode after broadcast on the BBC iPlayer.

Little Mix: The Search – Series Trailer – BBC

Little Mix:
Perrie Edwards
Jesy Nelson
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Jade Thirlwall

Narrator: Chris Ramsey