Little – Trailer 1 – Regina Hall

Little – Where to begin? The initial premise of shouty bossy woman Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) turning into shouty bossy girl (Marsai Martin), after another girl puts a magic spell on her, makes it sound like a lazy body-swap movie, but there’s no other body for her to swap into, as you never get both onscreen at the same time.

Plus, we have black women speaking in a manner you only hear black women speak, i.e. with ‘attitude’ that sounds like they’re going to give themselves a hernia if they continue in that vein much longer.

There’s a soundtrack that reeks of “Yeah, this is what women listen to in order to make themselves feel important” with a main track of Little Mix’s godawful Salute.

And it comes across as a film that’s intended to work as a children’s movie, but with Jordan’s friend, early on, mouthing sarcastically, “Yeah, bitch(!)”, that’s hardly kid-friendly, is it?

Little comes from the producer of both Girls Trip (black women shouting with ‘attitude’) and Night School (Kevin Hart shouting and being an incessant dick, as usual), and if I do have the misfortune to see this, it looks on course for one of the worst films of the year, but it’ll have strong competition with the likes of Backtrace and Distorted.

Little is released in the UK on April 12th.

Director: Tina Gordon Chism
Screenplay: Tina Gordon Chism, Tracy Oliver
Also stars: Justin Hartley, Tone Bell

Check out the trailer below: