Lost In London – The DVDfever Review – Woody Harrelson

Lost In London
Lost In London was fascinating from the trailer, since it’s a film that was shot in just one-take.

It reminded me of the superb 2015’s Victoria, starring Laia Costa, which did the same thing, although in that case, they filmed it 3 times over 3 nights, and the final one was the best take and the one they used, but in both cases, it’s the amount of preparation beforehand which must be incredible.

However, where Lost In London differs, is that even though they did do two rehearsals (with the second one breaking down not too far in), it was while they shot the final version, it was being broadcast LIVE to cinemas! And when it came to obtaining permissions from the council, they couldn’t even rehearse the opening scene.

But, about the plot, and as it begins, Woody Harrelson – who also wrote and directed this – is an exasperated actor who has just finished a performance of a play. Meanwhile, he’s in the doghouse with wife Laura (Eleanor Matsuura, above left) for playing away big-time, to the point where he’s even made the papers!

Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson.

Lost In London delivers and engaging film, as well as a coherent script – which is more than most modern movies give us, particularly most actioners which usually feel more like a series of set-pieces, instead.

Along the way, we see him having difficulty trying to get into a nightclub because they bouncers don’t believe he’s famous, and I like how, early on in the restaurant, it cleverly switches from a conversation where Woody’s involved, to that where two women are going downstairs to the bathroom.

Plus every bit of this was live… except the phone call to Bono. Yes, Woody and the person he’s with were live, but the U2 lead singer’s voice was pre-recorded. Well, they had more than enough to keep track of on the night!

There’s a lot of humour, even including a Beatles reference when someone reminds him of the fact he’s all over the papers and says, “I read the news, today”, and he replies, “Oh boy…”

Lost In London was broadcast live on January 19th 2017, so it’s taken a while to come to my attention, although its official ‘non-live’ release date was in 2019, and I definitely recommend you check this out, not only for the concept, but also for a decent evening’s entertainment led by a consummate professional, who’s not onlystarring in it, but also wrote, co-produced and directed it.

Lost In London is out now on Amazon Video and DVD.

Lost In London – Official Trailer

Detailed specs:

Running time: 104 minutes
Release date: March 4th 2019
Studio: Signature Entertainment, Lost In London Films Ltd
Format: 1.78:1 (HDCAM)
Rating: 7.5/10

Director: Woody Harrelson
Producers: Woody Harrelson, Ken Kao
Screenplay: Woody Harrelson
Music: Antony Genn, Martin Slattery

Himself: Woody Harrelson
Himself: Daniel Radcliffe
Himself: Owen Wilson
Stella: Louisa Harland
Laura: Eleanor Matsuura
Himself: Willie Nelson
Winston: Youssef Kerkour
Himself: Bono (voice)
Paddy: Martin McCann
Dante: Peter Ferdinando
Oar: Amir El-Masry
Sayed: David Avery
Cabbie: Ricky Champ
Clubber Girl: Jacqueline Ramnarine
Clubber: Daniel Eghan
Older Cabbie: Robert Gillespie
Alan: David Mumeni
Suen: Zrinka Cvitesic
Alex: Ade Oyefeso
Dave: Sean Power