Tipping Point – Magnets in the machine? UPDATED!

Tipping Point - Magnets Tipping Point – Magnets in the machine? Are they in there?

Magnets are what you normally use when you want to move something closer to yourself, to gain some sort of advantage.

On ITV, Tipping Point seems to think it’s the way to move a counter closer to where they want to be.

Originally posted on January 28th 2019, you’d think this machine would be as honest as a young George Washington when he couldn’t get out of having chopped down the cherry tree, and had to ‘fess up, but instead, it’s coming across more like Richard Nixon when he said “I’m a not a crook”.

So, in today’s ITV quiz show, hosted by Ben Shephard – which is written by the same question-setters as The Chase, as you can tell from the fact that you get the exact same questions on new episodes when they’re broadcast back to back, albeit phrased slightly differently – a black counter went over the top shelf, then mysteriously “slid” into position whilst on the bottom shelf, in a manner which can only have had some outside help…. i.e. magnets!!!

And for an example of the same question, I remember on the same day when one of them asked which Simpsons character is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, giving three answers from which to choose, the answer being Bart Simpson. The other show posed the question of who voices Bart? And then gave three possible answers of three of the female voice cast.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

UPDATE October 8th 2020: I’m not sure whether this is another example of Tipping Point – Magnets in the machine…., and I’m not sure when the episode was originally broadcast since they’re mostly repeats at the moment, but it’s all kicked off again! Come on, ITV, we need some answers!


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