Tipping Point – Gareth misses out on £20000 Jackpot!

Tipping Point Gareth
Tipping Point – Gareth proved that although he was lucky to win some money on this gameshow, he was massively unlucky not to win £20,000!

Normally, you can only win a maximum of £10,000 with the jackpot counter if you can get it out of the machine, but get a “x2” counter at the same time, and it’s doubled! It’s an incredibly rare feat, though, and I’m not sure it’s ever been done (but do let me know if it has, and if you have a link to a video, I’ll add it below)

He had a sizeable amount with £2,700 in the prize pot, and unless the jackpot counter is right on the edge and a sure-fire faller, it’s best just to play safe and take the money, but… Ben Shephard likes to tease you by making you play out what could’ve happened… yes, COULD’VE, since it’s so random*.

And this time, on Tipping Point – Gareth went to see what could happen and… it would’ve won him £20,000. Still, don’t despair too much since you could just as easily lose it all.

(*And I say ‘random’, but what about what happened on Monday this week when Shane Herraghty showed that there are magnets in the machine!)

Check out the video below from Stephen Phillips, even though he hasn’t a clue how to set up his TV as it’s stretching the image! Come on, lad, just stick it on Auto – it’s fool-proof!

And in the comments below, I like the Gareth has corrected him that he’s not married!